Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Big Summer Movies Part 3. (Part 3.75)


Big Winter Movies (Part 0).

The big summer movie recap. Part 3.

And it's...

The Human Centipede 3 
[Final Sequence] (2015)

On Blu-Ray/DVD!!
(Two-pack of both formats)

Took forever to get here.
I would've thought an August release would have been far enough out from the theatrical run, but, what do I know?

For the flick itself, here's the previous two parts.

So, now the Blu-Ray.
We get a commentary, we get a behind the scenes documentary, we get an alternate ending, we get deleted scenes, and we get stills.

So, let's run down those.


Probably my favorite thing.
As it was with the first two films.
It wasn't listed on the box for bonus features, and I was worried we wouldn't get one.
It's one of those ones that's in "setup", but not "bonus features".

Anyhoo, Tom Six spends most of it ranting about critics, and mediocre filmmakers, and mediocre screenwriters, and how he hates the human race, and I never know how much of his shtick is genuine, and how much is persona trolling.
But, it's entertaining either way.
Along the way, he remembers to point out Easter eggs, and cameos from the other films, and such.
I already knew pretty much all of those.

Behind the scenes-

A bit more fun, and less grouchy than the commentary, but we don't get nearly enough of it.
It's a quick twenty-something minutes.

People that hate horror movies should watch these, it's not a bunch of gloomy Satanists from Pat Robertson's fevered fantasies filming real snuff, it's just movies, and people are joking and having fun doing their job.
You just get to see people goofing around, and being people.
Lighten the fuck up, sourpusses.

Alternate ending-

Remember when I said in the first review...

Solves the mysterious endings of 1 & 2? Um....not really.
Unless there's something I have to decode....maybe the commentary will crack this for me...

...'member that?

The alternate ending does this.
I...don't want to spoil it, casts the trilogy in a different light in one short scene that cracks it all wide open. I don't know why they didn't use it. I can think of a couple reasons, but even that would spoil it.

Deleted scenes-

We just get get two of them.
One is some exposition we didn't need, and deserved to be cut. a thing that was improvised on the set in the "behind the scenes", and put in here (I think) as a joke.


Blah. always my least favorite thing.
Once in awhile, like for the bonus disk of the original Star Wars trilogy, you get behind the scenes deleted continuity you can't get anywhere else.
Little treasures hiding in there.
Here, just a bunch of frame grabs from the flick.
I could've done that with my fuckin' pause button.

I think Six did "deleted scenes", and "stills", in the same cranky mood he did the commentary in.

As for the DVD, its exactly the same.
Even the menu is a synthesis of the Blu-Ray menu.
Same bonuses, just everything is in lower picture quality.
My crappy little TV barely notices the difference, really.
I do notice the colors pop more in Blu-ray.

There's a "complete sequence", trilogy set out, and everything is exactly the same for all three films, except part 2 has a color version of the film along with the original black & white.
Eh, I'll pass on that.
But, if you haven't bought the films yet, go right for that set.

All right, now that REALLY closes the Centipede saga for me.

I'll be back today with another Fun Sized review.
I wanted to keep this separate from that.

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