Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!!!!

Once again, I'll update last year's list...

Got a shitload of Jade-Shade done compared to last year.
Jade-Shade turned 2.
As did Chokecherry.
Eidolon turned 1.
Dr. Herbert turned 4.
The Harry books turned 3. 
Dark Designs turned 7.
NLHH turned 10!
I turned 40!
Saw another 8 unique films this summer, 10 trips to the theater overall.
Seen "The Force Awakens", twice so far.
And "Creed", once.
And "Ash vs Evil Dead", is a couple days from it's finale.
And added "Human Centipede 3", to my DVD collection finally.
Shmegalamonga turned 7.
En-Mike-lopedia is over, but I still did Halloween and Christmas.
And, I think the annual calendar recap will be the new En-Mike-lopedia as far as collecting everything in volumes.

So, let's see what 2016 has in store.
A shitload of excellent movies, I know that much.
But who knows what else...

And as with last year, my resolution is to make a bigger dent in the Jade-Shade chapters backlog than the previous year.
Really gotta set aside my podcast addiction, and buckle down on that.

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Diacanu said...

Oh yeah, and Back To The Future 2 day happened.

So now the whole BTTF trilogy happens in the past.

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