Thursday, August 3, 2017

Happy belated 42nd birthday to myself.

Ehhh, between the heatwave, and I've caught some summer cold type bug, I've just been feeling "ehhhhh".
Plus there's gloomy crap going on in life.
More sick family member type things.

I celebrated more on Facebook than here.
This is the latest I've ever done one of these I think.
What, 5 days ago now?

So, here was my haul this year....

Excellent blu-ray.
Great features.

Marathon-ed it back-to-back with "Unbreakable", and it was fucking beautiful.

Just Desserts: The Making Of Creepshow.

This was probably my favorite.
This is basically the "Never Sleep Again", of "Creepshow".

Every little detail you ever wanted to know from the writing, the casting, the makeup, the props, the composing, even the fake comic book prop, and the opening titles and transition animations.
There's even a chunk on Bernie Wrightson discussing his comic adaptation.
It's all there.

There's even a whole other documentary just on the career of Tom Savini, and it takes it up to "Tales From The Darkside",  and then the commentary is Savini now taking it all the way up to the present.
Combine regular viewing with commentary just that little bonus alone is 2 hours.

So the backstory is, the dude made this back in '07 for a UK only Blu-Ray of "Creepshow".
But he had the rights written so he could someday split the documentary off as its own thing, and release it in any other territory for him alone to profit from.
Well, when he finally saw "Never Sleep Again", and "Crystal Lake Memories", come out, he knew the time was right, so he did an Indiegogo, and got it released, and now I've got it.

Anyhoo, this is why the doc itself is from '07, but all the added stuff updates it to '16.

Kinda sad and wistful to see George Romero and Bernie Wrightson alive again.

And like I said on Facebook, I watched the bits on "Father's Day", while eating my birthday cake, so that was a surreal meta moment.

And, I got a new TV from my grandmother cuz she got a new one and I got the hand-me-down, and I got myself candy, and I went to the movies I've been reviewing.
So there's all of that.

My Douglas Adams year.
Should've marathon-ed the show (of Hitchhikers).

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