Saturday, November 5, 2016

Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 2).

And we start off with actual theater movies for a change with....

Doctor Strange (2016)

Previously on MCU phase 3...

Captain America: Civil War (first time, second time)

Now, for the rundown.
  • Really dug it.
  • Visuals and effects are incredible.
  • The cast is excellent.
  • Tilda Swinton stole the movie.
  • Origin story is a bit stock, but the third act makes up for any of that.
  • Humor was good, and lightly sprinkled in.
  • The theme song is my new jam.
  • "Civil War", felt more like the wind down to phase 2, and this felt like the real beginning to phase 3. 
  • Same happened for the transition to phase 2. "Winter Soldier", was the real start of phase 2. "Iron Man 3", was the wind down, and "Thor: The Dark World", was a glorified sneak preview.
  • Like everyone else, I'd put it in "Ant-Man", and "Guardians", territory, with "Civil War", "Winter Soldier", and original "Avengers", being at the tippy-top.
  • I went too early, place was packed, and a stupid bitch brought her toddlers, and let them run around, and scream their guts out. Didn't ruin it for me, it wasn't constant, but it was aggravating, and made me miss lines of dialogue. Don't take babies to these, they're PG-13, and if you take babies, fucking tend to them. Well, she can't read this, and if she was ignorant enough to do it, lectures would fall on deaf ears anyway. 
  • Because of the above, I have to go see it again. I'll wait a week for the people to die down a bit.
  • Well, I went early so some idjit on the net wouldn't spoil it for me. Star Wars and Marvel are hard to stay spoiler-free on.
  • Didn't get my ideal seat, but I had an okay view.
  • Drive time was uneventful for a change.

So, yeah, go see it.
But wait a bit.
Let the morons and assholes go first.
Or, go on a school day.

Next, this again, and then Rogue One!


B. Dee said...

I don't know if I'm going to see that movie but you're definitely going to read this book! Gwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Diacanu said...

Lol! 81% 1 star reviews!

*Sees the price, and spit takes*

B. D. said...

Did you READ it? Open it up and look at how the first page is written!!!! It's hilarious!!

While you're at it, get a load of this one:


I rewatched "Halloween III: Season Of The Witch." A departing friend let me have a copy for $3. Does this film have the most perfunctory romantic subplot in film history? And why did they actually think that anyone would find any mystery in what's going on in the film?

Aggghh, screw it. I'd seen it anyway.

B. D. said...

I had dry heaves all day because of the election.

Even $Legion$ hates Trump (go check his Twitter)

Diacanu said...

Ho boy,'s a shit show. :(

We'll get through it.
We got through Bush.
Shit, my favorite decade, the 80's had fuckin' Reagan.
And there was nuclear fear then.

Know that you're not alone, everyone up to and including Captain America is sickened.

B. D. said...

Frickin' George HW Bush supported Hillary. Condoleeza Rice told him to step down because of the "Grab America by the pussy" thing. And did you see $Legion$'s tweet? "Shame on you America." Holy crap, even he was a HUGE Bush supporter! How many Republicans back in 2000 or 2004 hated Bush? MOST of his party seems to hate him!!

I was catching a cold/fever a couple of days ago, but seeing that sTRUMPet (wonder if I'm the first to call him that) actually won the election after OVER A YEAR of people violently making fun of him and his chances, gave me a sickening pit in my stomach the worst I've had since I woke up to the 9/11 footage the day that happened my freshman year of college. Groaned and laid in bed a lot. Ugh.

I'll get sleep at night. I mean, some of the fear is overblown. I really doubt he'll actually try to build the wall. I think a lot of it is shit he used to get the rubes to vote for him. But that's the best case scenario. The worst case I REALLY don't want to think about. And I'm really trying not even to read too many Internet articles right now because I don't want to end up reading 500 equivalents of that one butthurt guy who was butthurt when Obama got his second term four years ago, remember that guy?

I mean, more than anything, I'm scared about the environment/climate change and God only knows what "president" could possibly stand up to that. But jeezus, even dumb old senile Ronnie had been a freakin' governor for awhile (God knows how good he was or wasn't at it; I haven't looked into that era of history much), I don't like Ronnie much historically speaking but as overblown as his legacy is thanks to Repubs making him a saint/icon, I also felt that some of his detractors have made him out to be stupider than he was, too. I know he got a free ride in the press because of his assassination attempt right at the beginning of his run, and I gather that even back then more than a few liberals were sick of the 70s and felt Carter really was a that's not really like now, when so many conservatives/Repubs actually are loudly vocally embarrassed by their own winning candidate.

Oh no, I never thought I was alone. And of course there's always the possibility that Trump'll have a heart attack (he's 70), or get shot by somebody (not that I'm yearning for Mike Pence to be president, he's a freak too), or get impeached for doing something really stupid right away--I know Repubs have Congress by the balls now too but again, lots of them hate him.

And, I've survived in Kansas for 34 years with all sorts of godawful embarrassing Republican types running/living here. I can remember being in high school and when Brownback came here to give a speech he got yelled at by a girl with a mustache on welfare and she damn near WON. But I've survived because I rarely discuss politics around here; most people who aren't conservative kinda keep quiet.

Yeah, we'll survive. But some of this is going to be very messy and very dumb. I am genuinely worried about the nuclear codes.


.........on an unrelated note, I hate to tell you this, but I REALLY hated "Suicide Squad." I saw it several months ago and was wrapped up in other shit and didn't say anything.


Diacanu said...

Sorry for the lateness, technical issues.

Nothing to add to the Trump stuff but "ayep".

Yeah, Suicide Squad is a split down the middle like the rest of DCEU.
I'm not surprised if you didn't dig it.
Hopefully, Wonder Woman lands it.

B. D> said...

Well at least we got Dave Chappelle on SNL which was the first time I'd watch a full SNL since Betty White. He was okay, I guess. Still not particularly glorious and I doubt SNL will ever pull off a full episode that good but it was really nice to see that Walking Dead baseball bat parody where he dug up all his old characters. No Rick James but I guess he's been harassed in public about that one.

Paladin said...

This one rises in my estimation over time.

The Ancient One's line "It's not about you" still lands like a 500lb bomb. Wonderful performance by Tilda Swinton.

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