Friday, August 4, 2017

Big Summer Movies Part 5. (Part 7)

I'll be damned, no pop song for this one....huh.

The Dark Tower (2017)

Previously from Stephen King...
Well there, with this, and "IT", the master is back in theaters, instead of on cheap TV, and straight to video.
Took long enough.
But, if you wait long enough, the carnival always comes back to you.

Anyhoo, to the flick!
  • I dug it!
  • It's cool, it's an enjoyable hour and a half of entertainment, but for the depth and size of the source material, and the long-ass saga it took to get this to the screen, it should have been "Lord Of The Rings", level huge, and that's why the critics have the fucking chainsaws out. 
  • Ignore the critics, if it's something you wanted to see, check it out.
  • I think this is a backdoor pilot for the show. It really needs to be a "Game Of Thrones", budget show where you can flesh character and plot out at a slower pace. With the revolution in cable, there's no reason we should ever again have to suffer PG King adaptations on television. Go for it!
  • But...if it's gonna be a show...why did the pilot have to be in theaters? 
  • Anyhoo, setting all that external crap aside, I was entertained. It's a good nerd movie.
  • My only gripe, it needs more. Sequels, shows, whatever they're gonna do. Everything in this is just touched on. There's just enough sprinkled in there to get from A to Z, and that's it.
  • There's King-verse Easter eggs in there. I spotted visual reference to Pennywise, Christine, and Cujo. And there's direct plot connection to "The Shining". There are probably more. 
  • So, yes, they are building the Stephen King Cinematic Universe, and Dark Tower is the glue. 

Aaand, that's it.
NOW summer is done!

Yeah, I know, I faked ya out at "Spider-Man: Homecoming", but this time for real.

Next up, summer movie recap!

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