Saturday, December 19, 2015

Big Winter Movies (Part 3).

And it's...."Sisters"!!!

Hahaha!! Yeah, right, you know WTF it is.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Let's recap the journey here.

First up, no spoilers, promise.

Quickie review...I loved it!!
Holy SHIT did I love it!!
Add this to my "movies that made me high", list!!

Now, the traditional bullet list.
  • Destroys the prequels.
  • Star Wars is back.
  • This is the movie I wanted to come out way back in fucking 1986.
  • It's everything you want it to be. Go see it. 
  • The new characters are awesome. You're going to love them.
  • The old characters are themselves, and it feels like a reunion with old friends the way each original sequel was.
  • Avoid social media and comments sections until you see it, cuz assholes will try to spoil it.
  • The nitpickers can go eat a big black Mickey Mouse dick.
  • The possibilities opened up for episode 8 & 9 are almost more exciting than the movie itself!
  • Right now, still buzzing, I'd rank them...4, 5, 7, 6, 3, 2, 1.
  • I could change my mind on the ranking above, but that's where it stands right now.
  • The place had a big line out front, and I almost chickened out, and I'm glad I didn't.
  • The theater was packed, but not like sardines, and I still had a pretty good seat with elbow room. 
  • No way in hell I was gonna get "the captain's chair", that ship sailed.
  • The crowd behaved themselves.
  • There was applause every time an old character came onscreen.
  • I had an incredible fucking time.
  • I'm gonna see it two more times.

Um, yeah, that about covers it.

Next one is "Rogue One".

Next for my reviews is this twice more, then Deadpool.


Paladin said...

Pretty much the same reaction I had.

Say what you will about the Big Soulless Mouse Corporation, they know how to get it done when it comes to making popular movies. And Abrams was obviously the right guy to get the call on this one. The franchise is now set up for many movies to come.

Man, we've got Star Wars, Star Trek, and comic book superheroes aplenty on the big screen. If I were my 8-year-old self right now, I'd die from sheer excitement.

Diacanu said...

Nothing to say there, but ditto.

B. D. said...

LOL: "i don't really want to read atlas shrugged but hux says it's a must"

Oh the movie. Good enough. JJ Abrams' job as company was to scrub the franchise COMPLETELY clean of the prequels! They might as well have never fucking existed in this movie!

The pace was really good although I got into the early parts of the movie more than the later ones.

Everyone clapped and applauded in my audience over the old characters showing up except when Carrie Fisher came on screen and everyone clapped for half a second before noticing that she looks 75. :-( Is that why C3PO immediately butted in front of her?

The humor was really nice. All the little cute jokes actually were funny ("14 parsecs...12") but I probably laughed the hardest at Mark Hamill being second in the credits!

I liked the little 70s zoom when they were chasing ships around in the desert!

Well that killing uh you know who that sure took some balls...

New actors did very well to establish themselves. They won't end up like Jake Lloyd I can tell you that!

It's pretty much what I was expecting it to be meaning that it's up to Rian "Ozymandias episode" Johnson to do the "Empire Strikes Back"/"Dark Knight" of this new franchise...whaddya wanna bet they'll try to go really dark for the sequel....Johnson will probably come up with a more interesting visual scheme than Abrams did....this movie was kinda spare, I mean I don't want to see $200 million of CGI on the screen every second or that thing Lucas did with constantly having zillions of little people/ships/stuff running around in the background....but this movie was very spare.

Would it have been too much to ask for a "Please Mr. Kennedy" in joke when Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac had their scene together...

Diacanu said...

"Is that why C3PO immediately butted in front of her?".

Heh, no, that's a callback to him being a cock-blocker in the original trilogy.
They're visually saying "here's Threepio, and he's still cock-blocking!".

As for you-know-who, the actor who portrays them has wanted to die since ESB.
It's probably how they got them back.

I hope now that TFA has been the apology for the prequels, that 8 & 9 veer off and do brand new stuff.
It'll probably be the ESB/DK tone wise though.

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