Wednesday, December 28, 2016

QD:Season 2, Chapter 30. (Quantum Resolve)

January 14th
The "Quantum Dissolve", universe.
Season 1: Origins.
Chapter 0: Prelude.
Timeline 3.

Two superheroes materialized in a swirl of tiny triangle orange sparkles.
They called themselves "The Multiversers".
They had just come from scolding Mike Meggison into undoing his wacky time travel hijinks.

They were a man and a woman.
Infra-Green and Ultra-Red respectively.
They were brother and sister.
Harry and Kate Irwin.
Children of Jade-Shade and Chokecherry from the future.
Both wore transparent solid tachyonic hologram armor that only each other could see.
Under that armor, they wore just jumpsuits.
Infra-Green's armor and jumpsuit were green with blue highlights, Ultra-Red's were red with purple highlights.

Infra-Green's armor weapons were gun and bomb based, Ultra-Red's were blade based.
Infra-Green's special ability was time stopping and/or slowing, Ultra-Red's was phasing.
If they held hands, they could use both.
Either Ultra-Red bringing Infra-Green into the phase, or Infra-Green bringing Ultra-Red into the time stop.
Both could do creation of shields, cages, and flight packs.
Both had brainwave HUD with Planet Eidolon teleport level scanners.
By mixing and matching their skills, they could do pretty much anything.

Infra-Green looked at Ultra-Red and said "okay, this'll be timeline 4 now. Fourth time's the charm. Let's just cut through the BS, and help accomplish dad's original vision for Lentilville".
Ultra-Red nodded, and said "justice has waited long enough".

December 28th
The "Quantum Dissolve", universe.
Season 2: Heroes, Villains, & other nutcases.
Chapter 30: Quantum Resolve.
Timeline 4.

It was the biggest celebration the town had ever seen.
The Freed Radicals (with help from the Multiversers) had saved everyone, and fixed everything.

All the corrupt politicians and businessmen were locked up, all the non-violent drug offenders were set free, pollution was cleaned up, The Plant had been bought up by Mimme Isabelle, and turned into a Chokecherry soda factory, with Chokecherry herself as boss.

And the super villains? They were in laser jail.
Harry, containing the memories of all his selves, showed them how to make one.

There was a parade, and several outdoor concerts.

All the superheroes were there.
Not just Freed Radicals, but Legion Of Liberty, Zone Dweebies, Superior Seven, and classic solo characers going all the way back to Jellybean Man.
They'd all been plucked out of the time-stream and dimension-stream for this occasion.

Horatio Allison, Temperance Allison, and Miss Pique/Elisa Jack were also plucked out of time.
They got to see their long range plan come to fruition at last.

Lentilville had been renamed Cherry Blossom Cove.
A compromise between the original Pine Nut Cove, and Chokecherry essentially being the owner.

A band called Quantum Dissolve played a new kind of music also called Quantum Dissolve.
The band was made up of Freed Radical and Superior Seven members, and used instruments designed by Superstar and Dr. Herbert.
The song they currently played was called "goin' multiversing!".

Palapulam, Plawnee, and a guy dressed as Yummy Youse handed out free ice cream.
Okeen brand, to be exact.

Wood-Ro, beamed over from chapter 28, sat in Mimme's spooky rocking chair.
It had been animated in the same manner as Wood-Ro, named Cathy, and the two were married.
Furniture-on-furniture marriage having been made legal.

Dusty Irwin, in the Jade-Shade outfit, but without the mask, stood on the lead parade float, and muttered to himself "fuck you, Blackie, my actions did matter".

Chokie hugged him, looked up at him lovingly, and said "ease in the Badawah".

Dusty said back "yes, ease in the Badawah indeed", and smooched her.

Planet Eidolon from chapter 29 appeared in the sky just to check things out.

Everyone waved joyously, and threw cherry blossom looking confetti.

Infra-Green put his fists on his hips, and said "there, that's done".
Ultra-Red pressed a button on her wrist, and they both de-materialized to their next adventure.


B. D. said...

I got one to go with your "She Kills"....

B. D. said...

Holy shit, Carrie Fisher's mom dies one day after Carrie Fisher. Freaky as frickin hell.

Diacanu said...

It's almost enough to make me believe this is a cursed fuckin' year.

Re: Rectuma. Ah, dammit, that's the movie my teenage self wanted to make.

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