Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!!!! (...I guess)

Yet again, I'll update last year's list...

Finished off Jade-Shade!!
Shorter than I planned, but it ended when it had to.
Jade Shade turned 3.
As did Chokecherry.
Eidolon turned 2.
Dr. Herbert turned 5.
The Harry books turned 4.
Dark Designs turned 8.
NLHH turned 11!
I turned 41!
Big Summer Movies expanded to year round.
Finally saw Ghostbusters 2016. (1st, 2nd, 3rd, digital, blu-ray, comic sequel)
Seen "Rogue One", once so far.
Saw "Ash vs Evil Dead", season 2.
Shmegalamonga turned 8.
And, I covered in there all the depressing shit going on. :-(
I dunno why people are glad this year is coming, things are actually looking to get way worse.
But, hey, will there still be movies in the apocalypse? Then, I'll watch 'em.

And, by finishing off Jade-Shade, I fulfilled last year's resolution.
So, this year's will be to compile everything needed for the printed book, and get that the fuck out the door and done.
Hope I'm not waylaid by unspeakable horrors.

And as is the motto of everyone, fuck you, 2016.


Diacanu said...

Oh, and Hyla let this blog die off. :-(

Diacanu said...

And Star Trek turned 50 with no big how-do-you-do.

And "Transformers The Movie", turned 30.

And Ghostbusters 2 turned 27, and Ghostbusters The Video Game turned 7.

And the whole Ghostbusters franchise turned 32.

Diacanu said...

Year 9 logo answers.

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