Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Big Winter Movies Part 2. (Part 6).

Part two of today's Batman two-fer...

The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Previous wide-release big-screen Batman franchise media....

Now, to this flick...
  • Well, everyone's saying it, if not the best Batman movie ever, best one since "Dark Knight".
  • That's right, this is a good Batman movie! To make light of him best, you have to really know the character and the world, and the writers of this are clearly big time Bat-fans!
  • Definitely the best Batman movie that gets into the head of Batman since "Phantasm".
  • Funny as Hell.
  • Its got tear-jerky moments too. That's right, you'll cry at the goddamned Lego Batman!!
  • Loooooaaaded with Easter eggs!!
  • Billy Dee Williams finally gets to be Two-Face!!
  • As mentioned way back here, they do indeed reference or show every incarnation of Batman ever. Even shark repellent makes a cameo!!
  • They even take a couple jabs at "Suicide Squad".
  • They moosh all the other movies into one continuity.
  • Villains from other movie franchises pop up in the third act. You'll squeal with delight at these.
  • Voice cast is excellent, no one drops the ball.
  • Batman finally confronts his effed up relationships with his weird little family, and with Joker.
  • In fact, all the little things that have nagged at us about the Batman character and story are dragged out and addressed. This is truly a fan's movie. 
  • That's the best part of this, by finally observing all the elephants in the room, things aren't back to normal like they always are, at long last, some changes happen to the Batman-verse.
  • Well, I'll say it, they joyously embrace the Bat-family. "Batman & Robin", tried to do it, and fell flat on its face, here, they finally nail it, and make you love them, and regret all the loner-Batman stories.
  • ...too bad it's in the Lego world, live-action Batman ain't gonna change shit. 
  • At least we have this one.
  • I'm definitely adding this to my DC collection.
  • Go see it now!! 

And that's that until Logan.


B. D. said...

Auggghghhgh Bill Paxton died! Bill Paxton AND Miguel Ferrer, 2017's gonna suck bro.

First I saw of him was "Twister" which no one likes anymore, last I saw of him was that great little role in "Nightcrawler." RIP.

Diacanu said...

Aliens, Terminator, Weird Science, Near Dark, he was in so damned much, and so much of it ended up being a pillar of cinema.

It's a Robin William level bummer. :-(

Diacanu said...

Heh, fitting tribute.

B. D. said...

I didn't even know he was doing a new TV show. Whelp so much for that.

That is a fitting tribute, too!

Did you know that he helped make that "Fish Heads" video back in like 1982 and that his band in the late 80s had their music video directed by James Cameron?

Also the MST3K "Time Chasers" was funnier for the movie than the MST3K guys.

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