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Updates Revenge (Part 3, Masters Of Horror).

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Here we go....

We lost Wes Craven this year. :-(

Projects he created/approved/worked on are still coming up the pike though.

The "Scream", TV series on MTV has been picked up for season 2.

There's also going to be a series based on "The People Under The Stairs", and a series called "We Are All Completely Fine", about "a psychologist who gathers survivors of five horror-movie scenarios in a support group, only to unlock the evil's of their pasts in therapy".

Also, there's a series called "Disciples", "which is set in the future in which our solar system has been colonised by the ultra-wealthy".

Sounds like "People Under The Stairs", meets "Elysium".

Anyway, all his TV projects were greenlit.

"We Are All Completely Fine", sounds most interesting to me, as it's another deconstructionist take on 80's slashers.

So, Wes will live on in his works.
I'll be following all of those as best as I can.

We also lost Christopher Lee this year. :-(

And I turned his death entry into a retroactive Masters Of Horror list.

No more new output from him, but Dracula and LOTR/Hobbit alone ensures his immortality.

So, those were the two bummers.
On to the regularly scheduled list.

Stephen King.

"Under The Dome", is cancelled.

"IT", is getting a remake.
You knew that from previous entries, but there was a shake-up with directors, and now instead of Cary Fukunaga, it's being directed by Andy Muschietti, director of "Mama", and it's still going to be a duology.

George Romero.

"Empire Of The Dead", will be adapted into a TV miniseries with George executive producing, so the original series will be completed after all.

Cameron Romero's prequel has met its crowd-funding goals, and is full steam ahead, but no new news has come out.
Last I heard, Robert Kurtzman came on board to do makeup.

Clive Barker.

"The Scarlet Gospels".
Well, after announcing it in 1999, and fiddle-dicking around on it for 16 years, it finally came out.

To refresh your memory, from the original entry, under "Lord Of Illusions"...

Anyway, Clive is writing a tome sized book, The Scarlet Gospels, where the Scott Bakula character from this meets Pinhead, and we'll see Pinhead's real origin, and the origin of all Cenobites, Pinhead will get a real Cenobite name, and then, Pinhead will die, and he's promised it'll be a humiliating death.

After reading the summary at sounds like it stinks.

Spoilers ahead, but I want to spoil it.
It deserves it.
Skip to the next master if you want.

All he did was flush his unique vision of Hell down the toilet by wrapping it back up in dusty tired old Judeo-Christian myth.

And Pinhead's real name/title is The Hell Priest?
We waited 16 years for The Hell Priest?

We would have called him "Pinhead", anyway.

It's got "priest", in it, all you can think of when you hear that word is kiddies, and Uncle Touch-y's Puzzle Basement.

And Pinhead's death is lame, as lame as in "Hellraiser: Bloodline".
No, lamer.
Now, God kills him.
The "Goddiddit", ending is what ruined the Anne Rice vampire series via "Memnoch The Devil".

Another healthy imagination cut down by Bronze Age Brainwashing.
How depressing.
How hopelessly boring.

Goodbye, Clive. You were a unique voice. You will be missed.

Tobe Hooper.

"Poltergeist", got a remake this year.


Tom Holland.

"You're So Cool, Brewster". See "part 1, 80's slashers".

Thomas Harris.


Hannibal was cancelled this year, but season 3 was excellent, and the finale made for a perfect wrap-up.

Brian Fuller continues to explore avenues to bring it back as a miniseries, or a feature film.
If none of that comes to be, I'll be happy with what I got.
Anxiously awaiting the DVDs of season 3.

Also, the ending song is my new jam. ;-)

Sam Raimi.

"Ash vs Evil Dead"!! See "part 1, 80's slashers".

Tom Six.

"The Human Centipede 3", finally came out, and I loved it!!
(See here, and here)

Can't wait for "The Onania Club".

The Soska Sisters.

"See No Evil 2"? Meh.
"ABC's Of Death 2"? Meh.
"Vendetta"? Meh.
"XX"? They aren't in it anymore.

Come on, don't make me think "American Mary", was a fluke.
I know you've got it in ya.
Skipping "ABC's", cuz that was a little snippet in an anthology, you've got one strike left.
"Painkiller Jane", has to deliver the goods.
I think it can.
I know it can.

Robert Kirkman.

"Fear The Walking Dead", has been on, and is pretty good, but a slow burn.
It's a couple episodes away from a finale. Very, very, short season.
It's starting as a prequel, but is supposed to catch up, and crossover with Original Recipe Walking Dead eventually.

"Walking Dead", comes back a week after tomorrow.

Vince Gilligan.

"Better Call Saul", has been on, and that also had a super short season.
I'm liking what I see though.
I think I liked season one of "Saul", better than season one of "Breaking Bad".

Yeah, I know, not horror-horror, but same loophole as "Breaking Bad".

Lloyd Kaufman.

"Return To Nuke 'Em High Volume 2", is coming....eventually.

See here for volume 1.

The trailer shows The Angry Video Game Nerd popping up in a cameo, so there's a double crossover with Troma and "AVGN: The Movie".
Anyway, here's that.


Ridley Scott.

His very next project is the sequel to "Prometheus", which has been titled "Alien: Paradise Lost", and he's hinted there very well might be three or four of the damned things.

Also, in parallel, Neill Blomkamp, director of "District 9", is going to make "Alien 5", which will continue off of "Aliens", and ignore "Alien 3", and "Alien: Resurrection".

But, Scott won't allow that to start until "Paradise Lost", comes out.

Joe Dante.

"Gremlins", is getting a remake.


If they stack on a third layer of post-modern deconstruction on top of the way "Gremlins 2", did, that might be something.
Like, if they went "New Nightmare", with it, and it's in the real world where we all grew up on "Gremlins", merchandise, and then real creatures show up that get called Gremlins after the flick. Something like that.
If it were a straight ahead remake of the basic skeleton story, that's not very interesting.

The first one was already a dark send-up of Capra-esque Christmas movies, if you took that seriously, it would miss the point.

We'll see...

David Lynch.

"Twin Peaks", is coming back.
I'm not a fan, but everyone else on the planet seems to be.

Lynch bailed out on it at one point, but they got him back, and things seem to be staying on track for it.

And, that's that.
X-Files is coming back too, but there's no Chris Carter entry to sequel-ize, so...oh well.

Tomorrow, Revenge Of Based On A True Story.


B. D. said...

Re: "Twin Peaks": I'm actually less interested in seeing a continuation of the TP mythology than I am in seeing Lynch direct ANYTHING again. He's been out of directing for 9 years now and I did think "Inland Empire" had its positive dark aspects in spite of making absolutely no sense (unlike "Mulholland Dr." you're not even SUPPOSED to try and figure this one out) so I still bet he has it in him.

The other thing of note: almost all of the good TP stuff (pilot, third episode, season 2 opener, episode where the killer was revealed, series finale, "Fire Walk With Me") was directed by Lynch. So that's hopeful.

Whether all of the old cast is coming back (the Log Lady just died earlier this week BTW) isn't even that important to me (have you SEEN Lara Flynn Boyle recently? Gahahhhh) because the quirky little comedy small town shit was, most of the time, the worst stuff on the show.

Diacanu said...

Update: Here's my review of the HC3 Blu-ray.

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