Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 15)

Part one of a two-parter for today.

The Deadly Spawn (1983)

A.K.A "Return Of The Alien's Deadly Spawn".

When I was kid, my mother would take me over to her friend's house to play with her kids, and we would ride bikes down the hill to this little variety store to get candy and soda.

It was right on the borderline with Gorham.

Anyhoo, that place experimented with renting tapes, and the "Return Of The Alien's Deadly Spawn", version of the video box was there, and scarred into my memory forever.

It was right on the wall right next to your fucking head when you went up to the counter.
Guy who ran the place was a cynical cigar smoking sleazeball caricature right out of a bad movie.

Now, full circle, there it fucking is, and I'm reviewing this thing.
Only took me thirty years to work up the nerve to see it.

And it's great!!
It's no James Cameron "Aliens", or even John Carpenter's "The Thing", it's got a schlock budget, but for what they've got to work with, it's actually pretty decent.
A surprise gem!

You've got to be a total gore hound to like it, but if you've got a strong stomach, consider this your "Critters".
This deserves to have a cult as big as that flick I think.
Treads a lot of the same territory, but takes it to a darker place.

Plot is simple, egg falls from space, slimy Pac-Man puppets come out, hide in a basement, hi-jinks ensue, and much flesh is eaten.
And, the survivor boy has Rambo level PTSD when this is done.

Fun for the whole family!!

Highly recommended.

Next up, Soylent loving rednecks want you in their chili....but it's not the flick you're thinking of.

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