Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 22)

Back to the two-parters...

Tusk (2014)

From Kevin Smith.
The origin of this one fascinates me more than the actual flick.

He brainstormed this one on his podcast.
Here's the link to that episode.
If you listen to it all the way through, the whole movie is pretty much there.
There are some little weensy changes, but otherwise, they nailed it in the episode.

If you don't wanna sit through that, the plot is, a guy who has a podcast answers a classified ad to be a lodger for this eccentric former sea captain, and the sea captain captures the dude, and surgically transforms him into a walrus, and names him "Mister Tusk".

It's kind of a spoof on "Human Centipede".

It's entertaining, you'll enjoy it, but it's a one-watcher.

But that's cool that you can turn anything, even a podcast episode, into a movie.
They spend a lot of fucking time in that same episode talking about The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In The World.

Hell, I think an equally entertaining movie could be made about the prequel story to Bart from Bart's Bakery.

Anyhoo, this is going to be part of a trilogy.
The next two aren't going to be "Tusk 2", and "Tusk 3", but different movies connected by continuing characters Marvel style.
*Has to Google*
Yeah, "Yoga Hosers", and "Moose Jaws".

I haven't heard anything about those happening, if anything, Smith is more concerned with "Mallrats 2", and "Clerks 3".

I'm tellin' ya Kevin, ditch those, and do Bart's Bakery The Movie.

Up next, DIY home repair, but with chicks.

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