Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 5)

"Ooo! Piece of candy!".
-James Woods.

I spoiled ya yesterday with two, but today we're back to one...

Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Man, there was really something fucked up about 1983.
How many flicks and weird comics from that year does this make now?

Well, people try not to spoil the twist of this one, but "Robot Chicken", spoiled it, and if you so much as Google the title, the image results spoil it.

Shit, there's even a sorta-spoiler in the hint from last episode.
Sorry 'bout that.

But, I'll naively pretend you're slow on the uptake, and haven't been spoiled, and spoil something else.

The killer wipes out the kids in this one.
Yep, Jason always went after the counselors, but spared the kids, but this one, everyone gets it.

Also, the camp cook is the most overt pedophile I've ever seen in cinema.
Jared from Subway level overt.
You're so fucked up, 1983.

Anyway, even if you end up spoiled on the ending, it's still worth seeing.
I kinda knew from "Robot Chicken", but wasn't sure if they were joking, and the ending still got me.

Let's just say though, do not expect the slightest grain of political correctness in this one.
It was 1983 after all.

Anyway, you can watch the whole flick right here.

Next up, seriously, The Hell Priest?!!?

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B. D. said...

Don't forget that 1983 was a huge year for weirdo underground rock albums and the new Thrash Metal movement was pretty much born that year (Metallica - "Kill 'Em All," Slayer - "Show No Mercy," I think the first Anthrax album was that year too, and, uh, Megadeth *formed* in 1983, I guess, what with Mustaine getting kicked out of 'Tallica, i.e., the definitive event of Dave Mustaine's life.) I don't know that I have so much to say about the cinema that year but yeah gotta be a lot of slasher stuff going on...I think my favorite movie from that year is probably still "WarGames" with "Videodrome" quite close behind. I mean, I guess it's the way the weirdo sicko evil underground horror/metal/indie stuff from 1983 clashes with the Spandex Aerobics Mainstream (Madonna, Styx, Cyndi Lauper, etc.) that it seems like we got that year (by "we" I mean "you," I would have been one year old.) It's a weird discord...and oh yeah, John Elway got drafted #1 that year, head of the QB Class Of '83, rah rah. And Stephen King was like everywhere.

So I've always had a weird fixation on 1983 for some reason. 1991 too but that's another story.

But, uh, I *didn't* know the ending of the movie and...*Googles* YEEEEEWWWWWW. *glances over shoulders* oh good, nobody f***ing saw me looking at that.

Well don't let anyone say that issue isn't still relevant in the year 2015! Call me Caitlyn indeed!

That Domino's bacon burger pizza was pretty good as long as you remember to ask for provolone and cheddar cheese on top! Damn, Domino's hasn't been worth a crap for me in a long time, I dumped them after a bad thin-crust peperoni and the hideous "D2" Deep Dish pizza which might as well have been a big fat f***ing bucket of pizza toppings slapped on some bread! Still miss Wheat State though, can't get wheat crust dough pizzas around here to go anywhere.

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