Thursday, October 15, 2015

Updates Revenge (Part 4.5, Based On A True Story 2).


Halloween Part 4.5: Delayed gratification!

There, I did it!
I fucking, fucking did it!
I accomplished this damned thing after all.
Now, nothing is left out.

Previous chapters.

Saga of the (no longer failed) original topic.

The un-fail-ening.

That's the essence of it.
Last year, I was going to do all 14 Amityvilles individually, and that would have killed me, and bored the shit out of you.
And after that, I was going to do every single thing that even vaguely connected to a true story, and...yeah, no.
Plus, a lot of it has to be stuff I've already done in some other topic.
So, that's mostly what made me back down, I didn't wanna do one that fried my brain as bad or worse as Halloween part 3 did.

Plus, piling all the other bullshit on was a pretense, the Warren stuff is what I really wanted to do, and now I've done it.
And where this fixes my failure from last year, and that was a thing that happened to me, it fits both the old and new definition of "based on a true story"

There are no more missing pieces now.
All my movie review goals are accomplished.

Except for the rest of this year, so let's get back to that.

Tomorrow, back to fun sized movie treats with the return of the 80's INTO 2015! ;-)


B. D. said...

One for your "connections" file: the screenwriter for "Final Girls" was a former child actor, if you look at his list of credits I bet you've seen him a few times...

B. D. said...

Also, wugggh:

Diacanu said...

Re: Final Girls writer. Cool! The kid from "Near Dark"!
Also, the girl from "Final Girl", is "Little Miss Sunshine", and the younger sister in "Zombieland".

Re: Food stamps, yeah, that's horrifying. Governor LePage is pretty much a Mad Max villain. He also made it so you can tote a gun around without a conceal carry permit. Yeah, that's gonna turn out just great.

Bee Dee said...

One other thing about the kid from "Near Dark" who wrote "Final Girls," for a connection: he's the son of Jason Miller, the Greek priest from "The Exorcist." (Who is no longer with us.)

Your governor and my governor should get together and go bowling!...I probably don't need to tell you that Sam Brownback is the quintessential neo con fuckbitch but that he remains excruciatingly popular around this dumb ass state.

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