Friday, October 9, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 3)

"Ooo! Piece of candy!".
-James Woods.

Another new one...

Deathgasm (2015)

Stumbled onto this one looking up "Tales Of Halloween", couldn't get ahold of that one, so went with this one, and was pleasantly surprised

It's "Evil Dead 2", meets "Shaun Of The Dead", meets "The Gate", meets "Metalocalypse".

A misfit outcast metal-head teen in New Zealand and his friends form a band called "Deathgasm", and summon some demons with some ancient sheet music, and wacky hi-jinks ensue.

The execution isn't the greatest thing ever, about on a three and a half out of five star level.
It's cute, and fun, and entertains, and its got gore, and heart, and laughs, and I'd recommend it.

One thing you get a window into, high school is the same everywhere, and sucks everywhere.
Doesn't matter the language or accent.
Same bullshit.

One minor spoiler, there's one scene where the hero and his best friend fight the zombie version of his parents with their sex toys from their dresser drawer as weapons.
That was worth the whole movie for me.
That was my "serious drawer", story come to life onscreen.

So, yeah, if you've run out of Hollywood shit, and obscure cult stuff, try this one out.

Next up, back to the 80's via 2015, and without a flux capacitor. ;-)

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Bee Dee said...

"One thing you get a window into, high school is the same everywhere, and sucks everywhere.
Doesn't matter the language or accent.
Same bullshit."

I just watched the 1968 British film "If...." starring a pre-"Clockwork Orange" Malcolm McDowell as the leader of a group of rebellious intellectual kids who MASSACRE THEIR PREP BOARDING SCHOOL'S GRADUATION CEREMONY WITH GRENADES AND MACHINE GUNS IN THE LAST 15 MINUTES (sadly prophetic) and up until then the movie is a thoroughly detailed examination of what life is like at the wealthy boarding school and if you thought "A Separate Peace" was a litany of outcries at the boarding school life wait until you see the British the British school, they ENLIST SENIOR STUDENTS TO LITERALLY BE IN FREAKIN' *CHARGE* OF THE WHIPPINGS AND DISCIPLINE!!!!!! Can you fucking believe that! And they take McDowell and his friends aside and force them to submit to whippings JUST BECAUSE THEY DON'T LIKE THEM!! Geezus, I'd rather go to a fancy school in the Old fucking South prior to the fucking Civil War than put up with THAT bullshit!!!!!


God dammit Wheat State Pizza around here closed down and now I can't get thin WHEAT crust three-cheese (mozzarella cheddar provolone) pizza base for my bacon burger pizza, that shit was GOOD and poof I only get to try it three fuckin times before it closes down motherfucking shit fuck hate die FUCK!!!!! AUUUGHAGHGAGHGHGHHHHHHHH!! Okay, guess Domino's can do the same thing except the wheat part, I don't want to go to Papa John's and give money to THAT fucking freak, that guy's a douchebag Ayn Randian fucker who denies his employees health care because he didn't want to spring the extra $$$. Fuck that guy up the ass with a diamond tipped dick smeared with cat shit!

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