Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 2)

"Ooo! Piece of candy!".
-James Woods.

Okay, you know the drill from yesterday, let's get down to business.

Blackout (1985)

Never actually saw it in '85, but the pic from that VHS cover/poster was in the HBO guide, and that alone gave me fuckin' nightmares at the time.

Totally oblivious then that that style of mask was/is a bondage scene thing.

Nowadays, BDSM is fairly mainstream, even if you're not into it, you kinda know the score, and I chuckle now at its imagery being threatening to white-bread America.

Aaaaanyhoo, found it on Youtube a couple days ago, might've been over the weekend.
Made-for-TV schlock.
Bad acting, watered down implied violence, shrill self-righteous morals.

About a guy who kills his family, then gets into a car accident that mutilates his face, and gives him amnesia, and he gets plastic surgery, marries his nurse, and starts a new family.
They throw in some twists that try to make you think he's not the guy, then they twist it back, and he's the guy. Not really spoilers, you would've seen all this coming if you watched it.
Also, he wears that mask for murders and rapes.
They never once mention the mask comes from a BDSM shop.

Of course, his prior self comes back as an alternate personality, and changes him back.
We know now, amnesia doesn't work that way, and multiple personalities don't work that way.
Well, the public knows, experts knew then, and you'd think the writers would've done research.

Anyway, piece of crap, but another one I'm glad I exorcised.

Next up, metal health will drive you mad. ;-)

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