Friday, October 23, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 20)

'Nother one-parter for today...

Bloodsucking Freaks (1976)

Eeehhhh, I wasn't too impressed by this.

It was interesting, and I can see where it fits in in horror history, and it was worth one watch,, it didn't really click for me.
I'd like to see Rifftrax take a crack at it.
That might be fun.

So, this fits in with yesterday's, this is a retroactive Troma movie, they bought up the rights to it.
Here it is at their site.

It's kind of the same exact plot as "The Wizard Of Gore".
A guy using mass hypnotism of his audience to murder people right up on stage, and yet get away with it, because people are hypnotically suggested that it's fake.

But also, behind the scenes, the dude is also kidnapping chicks, and torturing and degrading them.
So, it's also kind of the granddaddy of the torture porn genre.

Like "Wizard", the effects drag it down.
A lot of that melted crayon looking blood, lotta rubber organs.

The sense of humor to it is dark, it's almost "Human Centipede", level twisted, but those bad effects just take you right out of it.

There's amusing bits to it, but it drags on a lot.

There's this evil dwarf character, and I'm informed that he did gay porn in his regular film career, and his nickname was "the anal dwarf", and the dude had no problem with that.
He was proud of it.
All righty then.
The Anal Dwarf is one of the leads of this film.
That can be said with a straight face without deception or prevarication.

I haven't seen this since the summer, when I went on this weird binge, so I can't remember all the tortures.
I remember a chick getting darts in the ass.
I remember a dude drinking the blood and brains out of a chick's head with a straw.
That was the only guy that qualified as a bloodsucking freak, btw.
The title's a lie. You only get one proper bloodsucking freak.
And the other cannibals don't like him, and kill him.
So, he wasn't even a proper part of the killer crew.

There's cannibalism, necrophilia, I think some bestiality, they go for just about all the sins and outrages.

But, it's all very silly and fake looking, and again, in between grossouts, there's long stretches of tedium.

I dunno if I could recommend this.

I guess if you're a horror explorer, or a Troma completist.
Or, just plain a video hound.

If you're a "normal", person that likes their flicks safe, and from Hollywood, give it a miss.
I ain't gonna try to turn you to the dark side with this one, there's better ones for that.

Now, speaking of, the NEXT flick, I'm gonna have to strap you to a chair, pry open your eyelids, and insist you watch!!

Next up, a sensitive 80's depiction of homelessness in America.


Diacanu said...

Forgot to add, I did like this a lot better than "The Wizard Of Gore".
That's ain't saying much, but I'm just sayin'.

Diacanu said...

Oh, and absolutely nothing from the poster illustration is in the movie.
Dude with the split head, any of those characters, none of it.
It's like the artist made up a whole other movie in his head.

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