Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 13)

Candy-bar the 13th!!

Pandemonium (1982)

Yet another HBO movie.

A horror spoof featuring Tommy Smothers, Paul (Pee-Wee) Reubens, and Carol Kane (who was also in "Transylvania 6-5000").
Also with appearances by David L. Lander (Squiggie) and Phil Hartman.

It's "Friday The 13th", meets "Psycho", meets "Carrie".
The killings happen at a high school, characters are bumped off one at a time while they're alone, the killer is a transvestite, and Carol Kane has Carrie powers (don't worry, this is spoiled right up front).

Tommy Smothers is a Mountie trying to solve the killings, and who has a bromance with his horse; Paul Reubens is his assistant, and jealous of the horse, displaying open contempt.

And is it weird I have a crush on Carol Kane in this?
..and in "Taxi".
..and as the fairy in "Scrooged".
..and in everything else up to and including the old lady in "Gotham".

Just the last one?
All right then.

Anyhoo, this is cute, and another one 12 year olds would like.
If you see it now as an adult, it's pretty much cringe time.
But, y'know, nostalgia helps.

Rated PG back in the day where PG meant "everything else that isn't G or R".
And G meant "for babies", and R meant "tits".
Now...PG-13 is kind of the new PG.
G lets some adult jokes slip by, so PG is worthless, and never gets used.

By the time every kid is 13, they've gotten curious, and seen hardcore porn on the net.
And society hasn't collapsed.
The MPAA really needs to be dissolved.
Its time (if it ever had one) is passed.

...but I digress.


Anyway, there's no blood in this, all the violence is cartoony, and all the dirty jokes are suggestive.
Edgy in its time, but today, as I said above, it's just cute.

I'd recommend it.
If you can find the damned thing.

Next up, fancy word for spazzing out.


B. D. said...

I can think of plenty of PG movies from back then that had "tits"...."Sheena," "Sixteen Candles"...was "Vacation" PG? Of course the PG-13 was created because of violence...Spielberg's!

Ever see "Eating Raoul"? That's from the same year...

Also, one film I've never seen you comment on, and I don't mean to pressure you or anything but: "Zodiac"?

Diacanu said...

The one with Downey Jr, and Ruffalo?

B. D. said...

And Gyllenhaal, yes. (Jake not Maggie)

You might like "Nightcrawler," too.

It's probably now my pick for the best film of 2000-2010.

B. D. said...

"Zodiac," that is, not "Nightcrawler."

Also, don't forget, "Zodiac" was directed by David Finchewwww! David Finchewww! Ewhewhewhewhewh!

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