Friday, October 30, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 31)

Part four of four.
The End!
Here we are!

I plotted this whole list out on the first fucking night!
Its been a long fucking road, but the plan has finally come together.
And, now you can see, part of that plan was, to have one of these for every single day of October.
But, since I used up the first 6 days, I had to do all those two-parters to even it out.

Here we are.

And our flick is....

Horror Express (1974)

From here and here.

(Re: The Projectionist)

Found it buried under several boxes at Shady Dave's.

Kept threatening to subject Hyla and Spencer to a double feature of this, and "Bloody Mama", if they didn't behave.
I didn't actually have "Bloody Mama", but...I knew where to get it.

"Horror Express", would have made an adequate substitute, I suppose.

I can reveal now, the threats were empty.
They probably knew that though.

I wouldn't even subject an Al-Queda operative to that.

Well, I did actually watch "Horror Express", with Hyla and Spencer.
I had forgotten when I wrote that.
I can't remember what they thought of it.
Hyla will have to chime in on that.

I've since re-watched it...and it's actually pretty good!

I totally recommend it!

As you can see on the poster, it's got Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, and Telly Savalas.

Even though it's an Italian co-production, it feels like a Hammer movie.

All right, let's get down to the plot.
Archaeologists find a frozen caveman, and long story short on this plot point, it turns out to be possessed by a body-swapping entity from outer space that's been on Earth since before the time of the dinosaurs, quite possibly during the primordial ooze ages.

It can body swap, and does so, but also can suck a person's memory dry with its death ray eyes, but you have to make eye contact, and its eyes have to be glowing in the dark, so it doesn't work in a lit room.

Okay, so the frozen caveman is brought on a train by Christopher Lee, he meets and befriends Peter Cushing, caveman thaws out, rouses to life, jumps into another body, sucks brains, mayhem ensues.

The rest plays out like an Agatha Christie mystery, trying to solve who the killer is, even when the killer can change into someone else.

So, it's kind of "Murder On The Orient Express", meets "Who Goes There?".

It's a neat little movie.
Check it out.

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