Monday, October 19, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 14)

And, we start week three!
Closing in on that damned stubborn and elusive Halloween!

Hysterical (1983)

You guessed it, another 80's  HBO movie.

Putting it chronologically, first came "Saturday The 14th", then "Pandemonium", then this, then a couple years later "Transylvania 6-5000".
And before all of those, "Love At Fist Bite", in '79.

Lotta horror spoofs in a short span.

Something in the air I guess.

This was another one like "Saturday The 14th", that I loved as a kid, but seeing again made me cringe.

It's a cross between "The Fog", "Night Of The Living Dead", "The Exorcist", "Carnival Of Souls", and there's a dash of "Poltergeist", which had just come out when they were making this.

Except, all of it done PG headed towards G rated, and trying to be 3 Stooges.

Starring The Hudson Brothers, one of whom, Bill, is Kate Hudson's dad.
Also with Julie Newmar and Richard Kiel.

It's got some cute parts to it, and running gags that will burn into your soul like "what difference does it make?", and "you're all doomed!! Doomed!!".

But, overall, meh.

Worth tracking down on Youtube for nostalgia though.
Just to see what bad taste you really had as a little kid.

Or, you whipper-snappers out there might wanna see it to see something that makes the "Scary Movie", series look like the Royal Shakespeare Company doing "Hamlet".

Next up, a double header of the eater, and the eaten.

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