Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 19)

Back to one-parters for a bit...

Redneck Zombies (1989)

A neat little flick.

It's "Lunch Meat", meets "Night Of The Living Dead", meets "Class Of Nuke 'Em High".

The Army dumps nuclear waste out in the middle of nowhere, rednecks find it, and mistake it as a moonshine still, drink the waste, and become toxic zombies hungering for flesh.
Scooby-Doo teenagers show up to be their victims.
Hi-jinks ensue.

Fuuuun shit!

More interesting (to me, anyway) is the behind the scenes story.

Pericles Lewnes was inspired by "The Toxic Avenger", filmed this out of his own pocket, brought it to Troma, and they distributed it, and made it a real Troma movie.

Then, he did makeup and gore effects for "Troma's War", "Toxic Avenger II", "Toxic Avenger III", and "Sgt Kabukiman".

In Toxie III, he shows up as a blue painted faced villain in the video store, and Toxie rips off his head, and throws it at a "Redneck Zombies", poster.
Sweet little homage there.
I love Troma. :-)

I've whined about the faults of the middle Toxies, and Kabukiman, but the gore effects were always top notch, especially in Toxie 3.

You can tell a Lewnes effect from the other hacks.
The Lewnes ones are always the good 'uns, and stand right out.

A special little film with a special place in cinema history.
Track it down.
I think it just got a blu-ray upgrade if I remember right.

Next up, cannibals without radiation for an excuse, and an anal dwarf.

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