Friday, October 16, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 11)

And, no more James Woods quote.
The ten iterations was actually the whole quote spread out.
And if you don't get it, cuz you don't watch "Family Guy", oh well, sucks to be you.

Now, back to it...

Kung Fury (2015)
Turbo Kid (2015)

Kung Fury.

Brilliant, hilarious.
But, only half an hour.

You can watch it right here.
And see the companion David Hasselhoff music video here.

It's concentrated liquid 80's.
I love it.

Turbo Kid. better.
And a whole hour and a half.
And has Michael Ironside.

Neither of these is technically horror, but...they both have lots of gore.
In "Kung Fury", it's pure comedy gore.
3 Stooges with blood and dismemberment.
"Turbo Kid", it takes the violence and character emotion seriously, but the effects are over the top like a cheap 80's flick would have been.

That's the big difference, "Turbo Kid", respects its material more, and has heart.
It's cheesey, but sincere about it.

Anyway, they both put all genres through a blender, but "Kung Fury", is built up around cop movies, and "Turbo Kid", is a post-apocalypse thing.
Kind of "Mad Max", meets "Solarbabies".

I'd go more into plot, but you should just watch them.

Seriously, do it now.


Next up, Saturday The 17th.

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