Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween Part 5: Back In Orange!

We did it, gang!
The fifth orbit around the sun back to this celestial spot in the cosmos.
And we managed not to croak.
If you're seeing this, you're alive!

I don't know about you, but it feels like 5 years.
So here they are.

And, here's this year's compilation...

Y'know....I think this has been my favorite one of these yet.
It just might be the best.
*Gets misty*

Song time!

And, as always...

Merry Deathmas!
And a happy new candy! :-D

Next year, Witch's Brew.


B. Dee said...

You seemed to need the "Ash Vs. Evil Dead" comments section for episode reviews so I'm putting this down here: "SPECTRE" is pretty average. Not crap like "Quantum Of Solace" or "Die Another Day" (boy do I regret liking THAT one back in 2002) but pretty average. Almost nothing in it is stupid; it just doesn't have anything particularly great in it. Also, if you even know what the movie's about, or are even aware of its title, you know what the "plot twist" is.

Diacanu said...

I'm guessing Blofeld is the boss villain.
Bringing back Spectre without Blofeld makes no damned sense.
It'd be like having Captain America, and Hydra, but no Red Skull.

B. D. said...

Ding ding ding. You win a trip to Gunnar Hansen's (original Leatherface's) funeral.

Yeah, Christoph Waltz only has maybe a half hour screen time. His back story is pretty petulant and meaningless, he has the cat, and later he gets the eye scar. He plays the character pretty much the same as he's played his other villains. The "big reveal" is even less than when Cumberbatch was revealed as Khan. Thing of it is, SPECTRE doesn't even seem to be particularly evil--it's just they're a bunch of terrorists who have done a few bombings and shit and all the other Daniel Craig Bond villains were SPECTRE people, which they might as well have not been.

There are also quite a few annoying little half-assed bits of writing here and there and plot holes and schtuff.

The lady that was married to Harrison Ford and wrote "E.T." for Spielberg also died. Which reminded me of that time you complained about Calista Flockhart getting the "death becomes her" treatment.

B. D. said...


Diacanu said...

I can only assume he'll be successful in raising the funds.

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