Friday, October 9, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 4)

"Ooo! Piece of candy!".
-James Woods.

Special bonus episode...

The Final Girls (2015)

As with "Final Girl", mentioned in 80's slashers.
Go there for the plot description, I ain't rehashing it.


Gush!! Gush!! Gush!!

Blush!! Goosebumps! Cartoon hearts!

Yeah, that fuckin' blows "Final Girl", to bits!!

Also, fuck what Paramount's doing, this is Friday The 13th part 13.
Their stale little re-reboot can be 13.5.

I was afraid the ending would choke me up...and it did.

Gotta add this to the collection next to "Behind The Mask", and "Cabin In The Woods".

Y'know...I think I might actually like this better than "Behind The Mask".

I dunno where I'd rank it up against "Cabin", they're so different.
I need a year or so to think it over.

Now, they have to hurry up, and make "Final Girls 2: Cruel Summer".

Next up, another killer at a camp, plus a sensitive 80's eye view of gender identity.

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