Friday, October 2, 2015

Updates Revenge (Part 2, Classic Monsters).

Previous chapters.

Let's get right down to it...

Nosferatu is getting a re-remake.
From the director of this year's "The Witch".

"Brides Of Dracula", is being remade as an NBC TV show.

Geez, they just had a flat out Dracula show bomb last year.
They'll keep rolling the dice on this shit, but not give Hannibal season 4.
NBC is run by Gomers.
Well, it might not suck. Can't be close-minded.

"Victor Frankenstein", has been in talks since 2013, and now it's finally real, with a poster and trailer and everything.


"Hotel Transylvania 2", is a thing that exists.

Hey, The Blob is there this time.
Remember that, it'll be important later.

Still no word on those Universal remakes leading to the Monsters Cinematic Universe.
They connected "Dracula Untold", to it, and that was an abortion.

"The Blob", is getting a re-remake with Samuel Jackson.

See? Toldja that would be important.

Toho is getting back in the Godzilla business with "Godzilla 2016".


"King Kong: Skull Island", is rumored to be leading up to a remake of "King Kong vs Godzilla".
Legendary Pictures went over to Universal, so the legal hurdles are poofed away.

Okay, NOW I care about "Skull Island".

They've got "Pacific Rim", too, so...that crossover could happen if they wanted.
Don't hold your breath for that one, I'm just saying.

They're making a movie adaptation of the game "Rampage", with The Rock as the hero.
George and Lizzie are obvious clones of Kong and 'Zilla, so whether Legendary gets their asses in gear or not, you're getting a version of this fight.

Course, this one would be a comedy.
Hey, bring it on, its gotta be better than "Pixels".

So, yep, the classic still keep truckin' along.
All the really cool stuff is coming next year though.

Tomorrow, Revenge Of The Masters Of Horror.

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