Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fun Sized Movie Treats (Part 28)

The countdown begins.
Part one of the final four!

Liquid Sky (1982)

Yeah, I know, '82 instead of '83 for a change.
Wild, huh?

Ehhh, it's not quiiite horror, but it's got sci-fi elements, and death, and the people are horrible, so...close enough for me.

It's....*struggles to describe this thing*'s Anne Carlisle the movie.
She stars, co-wrote the script, and wrote the novelization, it's her baby.
And WHAT a baby!
Oh, baby!

Anne Carlisle plays Margaret, a bisexual punk junkie model who fashions her look after David Bowie in his Ziggy days, and pretty much says so in one scene towards the end of the film.
Her girlfriend is a miserable little twat who makes horrible music.
Her other "friends", are a bunch of New York phonies, and hangers on, leeching off of Margaret's coolness, and acting like they're the cool ones, and treating her like shit.
And that's even before the rapey shit starts.
You're gonna want to kill all these people.

Meanwhile, a miniature flying saucer has parked itself on a rooftop across the street from Margaret's apartment, and is killing people at the height of either orgasm or heroin rush, to take their brain juices for....fuel? Drugs? Both? Doesn't matter.

A scientist is studying and tracking the saucer.
He has a whole subplot, but meh.

Margaret, being a clever and plucky little heroin-heroine, figures this shit out on her own, and starts helping the saucer in a symbiotic relationship to get rid of the assholes in her life.

Then, the fun really begins!

Carlisle also plays a dual role, that of Jimmy, a male model who competes with, and despises Margaret.
The double-acting and filming in the scenes where they meet is better than most big Hollywood movies with twins.

Very weird movie, very hard to get into at first, but once you do, it's worth it.
The biggest hurdle to warming up to this flick is the damned score.
Progressive Euro synth stuff that sounds like a monkey beating up a Casio. grows on you.

I would have preferred some actual punk rock, or if they'd licensed some actual Bowie tracks, or..something.
But, again, this soundtrack grows on you.
Takes awhile though.

I really dig it.
I don't know yet if I love it, but it's gaining position on my mental list of quintessentially 80's flavored weird 80's flicks.

The original director is trying to get together both a Kickstarer anniversary documentary, and a sequel where Margaret returns.

You've got me!
I'm there!



"Me And My Rhythm box".
(Guy in audience from "Family Guy") "I didn't like any of that!".

So, yeah, if you were alive in the 80's, or just fascinated by them, check this one out.

Next up, something I left out of Dracula-thon.

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