Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Superheroes 2.5: Part 5- The World's End.

Wow.....SO fucking good.
Still coming down from it.

Best summer movie, hands down.
No debate.

Best one of the Cornettos (see Shaun, and Hot Fuzz).

Instant classic, and I mean classic.
I mean up there with "Princess Bride", "Christmas Story", stuff like that.

It's so hard to get into it without spoiling anything...
Simon Pegg is awesome in it, everyone's great in it, but he's the best I've ever seen in this.

The ads don't do it justice, but like my review, they don't wanna spoil anything.

My only gripe?
The Brits got it back in July.
What, did American studio execs see how good it was, and beg them not to ship it over until now because their movies would get slaughtered?
Could very well be....

Well, it's in my brain now, and summer is done.
And what a great fucking one to go out on.

Wish I had the dough to see it a couple more times.

I'm fucking buzzing.
It made me high.
On the list it goes.

Go fucking see it.
Drop everything.

Up next, summer movie recap, and after that, En-Mike-lopedia 2.5.

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