Thursday, June 27, 2013

Superheroes 2.5: Part 2- Man Of Steel.

So, thus begins DC's phase 1 of playing catch-up with Marvel.

And already, I've seen twice as many movies as I typically see per summer, and we're not even fuckin' done yet.
Summer of 2013 has turned out to be a beast.


  • Overall, dug it.
  • Personally, and this is just me, I still prefer the Christopher Reeve 1 & 2.
  • Okay, this can't possibly be in dispute, it totally kicked "Superman Returns", in the dick.
  • In fact, forget "Superman Returns".
  • Russel Crowe as Jor-El (was worried about that in the old 2011 review) actually wasn't that bad.
  • The Clark's childhood flashbacks were indeed Gladiator-esque. (See the 2012 review)
  • Zod was nice and nuts, and intense, but, my preference is still Terence Stamp.
  • Faora was a sexy little minx. And brutal. And we got just enough of her. I wasn't left craving in the villain-ess department.
  • The final fight makes the Metropolis fight in 2 look like heavy bag practice.
  • Lois is more involved, she's no damsel.
  • Slight spoiler, the Clark/Supes identity secret? Out the window. At least for Lois. Right from the start.
  • This is definitely an elseworld unlike anything I've seen in the animated, or the comics, this truly is a fresh take, I'll give it that.
  • It gave me goosebumps and tear duct tingles everywhere it was supposed to.
  • The nanotech computer displays for the Kryptonian tech were a neat idea. That's what the real Trek 24th century would look like, IMO. JJ, take note.
  • I get that this was a "darker take", but I could have done with a bit more brightness. They clawed their way toward the light, and got there in the end, but I want more optimism for the sequels.
  • As a relaunch, headed towards JLA, they're in pretty good shape.
  • So far, I think I liked Iron Man 3 better. They're hard to compare, but at a gut level, I had more warm fuzzies walking out of that one.
  • Talking warm fuzzies, I even felt more uplifted by "The Dark Knight Rises". 
  • Lotta death. Brings back 9/11 a little. Think that deflated me a bit. Hard to feel like "hey, everything's gonna be okay!! Yay, Superman!", after a pounding like that.
  • Make no mistake, Metropolis does take a fucking pounding. New York in "The Avengers", even pales.

The overall...

A mixed bag, but I enjoyed it.
Definitely be buying it.

Would I recommend "Man Of Steel"?
I know, not a glowing recommendation, but, it is one.

Random thought, hey, Khan is back, Zod is back, this really is some fucking summer, huh?

For some reason, I'm not the least bit interested in "World War Z", or "Pacific Rim".

So, bring on "The Wolverine", and "Kick Ass 2".

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Diacanu said...

Given time to think about it, and seeing Red Letter Media's review, I think I like it more being aware of Gladiator, and being a fan of that.

They hated it, because all they know is Christopher Reeve, and their childhoods.

Fair enough, I suppose.

One of those conversations you wish you could teleport yourself into.

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