Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Arbor Day again!

Last year.

Geez, once again, nothing on the Google homepage.
And look at all the stupid obscure bullshit they DO celebrate for fuck's sake.

German expressionist painters no one's heard of, 18th century turd sculptors that died of syphilis infused madness.
Arbor day? Generic fucking logo.

And, it's the one holiday that's been quietly allowed to fall off the calender.
Who got bribed for that hit, huh?

We've got two nature-based holidays on offer, and we keep the one founded by a murderer.

Einstein? Darwin? Nothing.

An Italian racist murderer douchebag who's accomplishment has been debunked?

Oh yeah! Keep HIM on the calender! Forever!

If we lived in a country that made sense, reinstate Arbor Day, fucking get rid of the bigot and murderer holidays, and pepper the calender with scientists.
It would take a couple minutes to fill out the forms.
Nope, we don't live in that country.
Martin Luther King day took a fucking movement!

Shit, I shudder to think of the civil war it would take to get Andrew Jackson off the fucking twenty.
And he was a Nazi.
Seriously, Hitler admired the trail of tears.

So, I guess I'm saying this whole holiday thing is kind of goofy, when you look at it.
S'why I got no problem at all calling anniversaries of my favorite movies, and my own personal creative milestones holidays.

It's as good as anything else they've got up there.

Now, go hug a tree.

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