Sunday, April 10, 2016

The big winter movie recap. Part 1.

There we go, like the previous three summers, in order of best to worst.
Except, this time, none of them suck.

Series recap again...

Now, the movies...

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (First, second, third, fourth).

My first ever quadruple dip!!
Ho-ly shit! Yes, it was that good.
This just came out on Blu-ray. Gotta nab that soon.
Eight more months, we get Rogue One.

2. Deadpool.

Damn, but this was thoroughly entertaining. I should have seen this twice.
Think I've missed the chance.
Could be wrong.

3. Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (First, second).

I love it, but Deadpool was more fun, and TFA is just perfect.
I think this'll limp towards a billion worldwide.
Fuck the haters.

4. Creed.

Best chapter in the Rocky saga since...shit, one and two.

5. Ash vs Evil Dead (Premiere, series recap).

The franchise is back full force, with season 2 on the way!
What a glorious time to be alive!
I think the 2010's will be looked back on with as much warmth and reverence as the 80's.
Geek-kind is in good shape.

6. The Human Centipede 3 [Final Sequence] (Blu-ray release).

Still my favorite comedy in a long, long, time.

So, that's Winter of 2015-2016.

Next comes "Captain America: Civil War", and we'll be back around to summer again.

Up next for these, the year round recap lumping this, and summer 2015 together.
Stay tuned!

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