Friday, April 29, 2016

Happy fifth observed Arbor Day!

I stopped doing seasons, so this is my celebration of spring now.
It's spring, the leaves are budding...but it's still fucking cold.
Sick of you, Maine. B-(


B. D. said...

I hated the Doomsday battle in B vs. S (he didn't look exactly like the LOTR cave troll in the comics did he?) but aside from that it was mostly a better movie than "Man Of Steel." I think critics really are being way too hard on it. It avoided anything stupid until the last 25 minutes didn't it? (I'll probably never watch it again though)

Also if you want a revenge-deconstruction thriller set in Virginia, "Blue Ruin" isn't bad.

Diacanu said...

Seen "Blue Ruin", it's okay.

I could take or leave Doomsday's design, but the Wonder Woman stuff in the fight was cool.

I dunno, maybe I was so happy to see the big trinity together on the screen after 40 years, I forgave a lot.
Whatever you thought was stupid, I ate up.

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