Sunday, November 27, 2011

Superhero Flicks, Part 6: The Avengers

So, there, Supes, Bats, Spidey, Hulk, that's the corporate big guns, now for this blessed team thingy Marvel has been building up to since the 00's.

The Avengers!

Eh, let's try and put these in chronological order for fun...after all, they've essentially dared us to...

Captain America: The First Avenger

The film-

Well, that one's easy, isn't it?
The title, and the WWII setting put this first.

Yeah, this one was pretty fucking good.
Looks great, characters you empathize for, moves along a good clip, thrills, chills, laughs, throat lumps, what more can one ask for?

The critics and boards were right, this and X-Men First Class were the best of the summer superhero batch.
Hmm...hard deciding which is better...
Need more time to let them settle in my mind.

Oh, and for continuity porn, loved the Howard Stark character being in there.
Almost like having a parallel version of Tony interacting with Cap already.

The history-


Iron Man

The film-

From here...

Hmm, hard to measure it up against "The Dark Knight", because they're such different animals, but this one really knocked it out of the ballpark for Marvel.
One step up from even "spiderman 2", IMHO.
It's given all Marvel flicks since then something to shoot for.

The history-

Saw this one TWICE at the theater, cuz I missed the Nick Fury bit at the end the first time.

Looove this flick, it re-addicted me to Black Sabbath's "Iron Man".

Iron Man 2

The film-

From here...

Another solid Marvel flick.
Pretty solid sequel.
Everything we liked about the first one, plus some new goodies.
New tech, new villains, new good guys, and new "Avengers", easter eggs.
And, if you watch it back to back with the first one, it bleeds together nicely as one big movie.
Sadly, Jon Favreau won't be back for part 3.

Also, older Howard Stark crosses this back over to Captain America.
And, the Thor hammer, and Tony Stark is looking at news footage from The Incredible Hulk on one of his holo-screens at the very end when he talks to Nick Fury again.

The history-

Dammit, missed this one at the theater somehow.

D'oh, yeah, that was gout summer, which lead right into the year of hell.
Well, got it on DVD now.


The film-

Another one I dug.
About on par with the Iron Mans.
Iron Man meets Conan.
From space.
Good stuff.

Featured the Foo Fighters song from this, so, I must've liked it.

Okay, continuity, the magic cube from Captain America shows up, and Loki pops up in a reflection, so..this one leads riiiight into Avengers.

The history-


The Incredible Hulk

The film-

See here.

Continuity...okay, as mentioned, Tony Stark is watching the news from Hulk at the end of Iron Man 2, so, the events of Hulk are well under way at the end of that one, but, the hammer from Thor leads right into Thor, so, the rest of Hulk goes on alongside Thor, then, Tony Stark pops up at the end of Hulk, connecting this directly to Iron Man 2.

Hmm, okay, if Thor & Hulk are roughly alongside each other, then you gotta dig into the films themselves...and..both Thor & Hulk seem to happen over the same couple of days...

...but, the Tony cameo, and the Bruce Banner meditation/control scene, seem to happen some days/weeks later, so...Hulk ends further out  in time, so, I'm putting Hulk last.

The history-


The Avengers

The film-

Coming next summer.

The trailer.


Update: Hey, it's me from next summer, here's the review for the Avengers flick!

There, that's that chunk of Marvel stuff, up next, The X-Men


hyla2 said...

Aye, 'tis a shame that Favreau won't be back (to direct--I had heard he was up for reprising his Happy Hogan role)for IM-3, BUT they did land Shane Black to sit in the big boy chair.

I wouldn't have been looking forward to it otherwise . . . but they got Hawkins, man!

Diacanu said...

Hmm, yeah, now that I can sit back, and scroll across all of these like this....

Gotta say, the Iron Mans are still my favorites.

Like I said in the review, Thor is about on par, quality of story/effects wise...but my reason for preferring Iron Man is philosophical.

There's something that appeals more in a guy who makes his own superpowers with the power of his mind.

Plus...the electronic age is truly here now, so Iron Man is the avatar for this I-Pad/Kindle world we're in.

If Marvel knew what the hell they were doing anymore, they'd push him front and center as their Superman.

I mean, you can't strive to be Thor, Asgardians are Marvel's Kryptonians, and if you irradiate yourself with heavy doses of gamma-rays, you just fucking die.

But...with the right ideas, and taking the right can make an Apple Computers out of your garage, and then with your first few billion, maybe make a super suit.

Yeah, you need the magical arc battery, and repulsers...
But, it's a bit more plausible.

hyla2 said...

Yeah, no contest there.

Tony has kind of moved to the forefront at Marvel since the success of the movie, though. I mean, he's always been one of my favorites, but in the traditional Marvel pantheon he's always ranked in that high second string behind Spidey and Hulk, alongside Cap and Thor.

These days it seems the line for Marvel's frontrunner is a little blurrier, and Iron Man stands as a major competitor for the likes of ol' Web Head. Definitely the hero of future-now and tomorrow.

Diacanu said...

Yeah, I'll take your word for it on the comics, I haven't been reading them in awhile.

Although, he played a decent role in some of the ones I read for the crossovers reviews.

Be nice of he featured in a crossover though.
Y'know, "Iron Man vs_____".

As for frontrunner status, I'd put it as a flat out tie between Tony & Spidey these days.

Especially with movies.

Spidey's always gonna be up there, because he can always be redefined as the next batch of teenagers.
He's the reader.
Can't beat that in sales.

hyla2 said...

True enough.

And I haven't been reading Marvel either, that's just the gist I've gotten.

And, yeah, howcome Iron Man HASN'T starred in a crossover? (I am NOT counting Amalgam Comics 'Iron Lantern')

And who SHOULD he face off against? (Not GL)

Diacanu said...

Then, both of them vs. Luther.

Diacanu said...

Ooops, LuthOr.

hyla2 said...

Yep. Two tech/gear swaddled genius guys, of course.

Hmm. Luthor and . . . who? Nobody weak ass, like, whasisface, frostypants, or whippy-man . . . Ahh, fuggit. Mandarin!

Then, being smart, devious guys, Tony and Bruce (geez, there's an 'ambiguous' name combo . . . )could turn Luthor and Mandarin's individual vanity/arrogance/power-lust against each other!

Well. Just writes itself, don't it?

(gasp! the word verification for this comment . . . is 'dance'!)

Diacanu said...

No, on the Marvel side, more obscure, Quasimodo, The Living Computer.

He was a body/system-hopping virus before the term was coined, and before Brainiac got turned into the same thing, so, you really can't call him "Marvel's Braniac ripoff".

And, he's tussled with Stark, and the FF before.

hyla2 said...

Oooh, better.

I'm only barely certain I ever heard of that guy. Nice. Yeah, much more chance of Luthor thinking of Quasi as just some tool to be used / Quasi viewing Luthor as an inferior meat-puppet, allowing Bats and Shell-head to turn them on each other.

Good call!

Diacanu said...

You hear that, Marvel/DC writers?
Get crackin!

I know you're lurking, I posted lame unhelpful posts at Jim Shooter, it had to have lured you over.

Had to have.

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