Thursday, March 8, 2012

A couple that can't wait...

...until next Halloween.

The Human Centipede 2
[Full Sequence]

Tom Six was true to his word, he made "The Human Centipede [First Sequence]", look like "My Little Pony".

And, he says part 3, Final Sequence, is going to make 2 look like a Disney film.
I can hardly wait.

Oh, and again, fuck Ebert, Ebert sucks.

Lawrence Harvey's Martin is another great horror character, I think with time, people will appreciate how iconic this performance is, and IMHO, Martin and Dr. Heiter are the new Freddy and Jason.
Sweatlessly, hands down.

Tom Six, and the other indie guys are the only ones doing a damned thing worth anything with horror, get your horror off word of mouth (like this blog) and Amazon, avoid the multiplex pablum like a plague.

More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead

Made by the same people who did "Never Sleep Again", but this time, about "Return of the Living Dead".

Not as long as NSA, but it'll feed your fix if you're a junkie for these docs like I've become.

Good stuff, NSA has set the bar high for these.

More and more of these 80's horrors are hitting their 25th-to-30th birthdays, so, fellas, keep churning these babies out, and I'll keep watching!

I hear they're actually helping Mark Patton out with his upcoming "There Is no Jesse", which, looks to be a sort of side-sequel to NSA.

The crazy new stage of Mark's life unfolded as a result of him being dug up for NSA, so, it'll have to be mentioned, and hopefully updated...'ll be interesting when in another 25 years, Ashlynn Yennie from HC1 & HC2 is the new Heather Langenkamp, and doing one of these, in whatever the medium of the day is.

I'll buy that one too.
My mouse clicking finger will have arthritis, but I'll power through it.

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