Monday, December 12, 2011

Superhero Flicks, Part 16: All The Rest (Part 5, Animated)

So, that (part 1, 2, 3, 4) wraps up the live action.

Now, s'more cahtoons.

The Incredibles

The film-

From here...

Wonderful, Dreamworks rocks.

Really? Thought I had way more to say there...

Well, to be more precise, Brad Bird rocks.'s Disney/Pixar, so, my past self is a total jackass from start to finish.

One of those "what can you say?", movies, it's just goddamned perfect.

The history-

Watched every single little bonus feature on this baby before giving it back.
Think it might have been one of my last Nicely's rentals.


The film-

It's good, great even, but, not as good in my book as "The Incredibles", or even a  typical episode of "The Venture Brothers".

But, that's just a testament to how fucking awesome those are, and not a slam on this film.

But, it does play in their thematic/tonal turf, so...comparisons are unavoidable.

The history-


Monster vs. Aliens

The film-

Who are we kidding, they're a superhero team, aren't they?

Yep, Dreamworks again, keeck ahss.

If you haven't seen it, drop everything, and see it this instant.
Unless you're fucking, finish that off...
Wait, you fuck while reading Shmegalamonga?
That's..messed up....

The history-


Despicable Me

The film-

Shit, haven't seen this one, and almost forgot it for the review. looks cute...think I might have even seen bits of the ending.
Sorta in the same heart-string vein as "Up".

Haven't heard anyone say it's in "Incredibles", or "Monsters vs Aliens", territory, so, I haven't killed myself to see it.

Huh...Disney/Dreamworks didn't do this one, it was Universal....hmnh..

The history-



The film-

Seen bits of it playing at Wal-Mart on their TVs...skimmed the Wiki summary...feel like I've seen it.

Yeah, another cute heart-strings one.

The history-

See above.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie

The film-

Pretty much the retroactive premiere movie for the show.
And it's pretty good.
If you like PPG.
If not, this won't convert you.

As to the show, from here...

Yes, I liked the Powerpuff Girls.
It was funny.
You wanna fight about it?

The episodes with "Him", in partular were actually pretty sick.
Yeah, I dug that shit.
If you could get past the outer candy shell, there was a lot of subversiveness going on.
Delightfully messed up little show.

The history-

Cartoon Network.

Hellboy: Sword of Storms

The film-

Um...I can't remember which one of these I saw....but what I saw, I thought was decent...

Ron Perlman voices Hellboy, and he's good...

I am informed that neither live-action, or animated Hellboy does the comic justice though.

Aw, poopie.

The history-


Hellboy: Blood & Iron

The film-

Ditto the last one.
I saw one of these, and can't remember which.

To dig/hate one is to dig/hate the other, I assume.

The history-


Stan Lee Presents: Mosaic

The film-

A teenage girl gets an array of "chameleon", powers like cloaking, and shape-shifting from a  magic rock that turns out to be technology from an ancient race (shades of Puma Man here)

Meh, a lot better than "Lightspeed", for damned sure.

But, the needle still hovers in Marvel-animated levels of mediocrity.

I have yet to to be "wowed", by anything out of "Pow", entertainment.
Well...the first season of "Who Wants To Be A Superhero?", was cute, and better than all other reality television about evil/stupid people, and I even wish it were still on...but...can't say it knocked me out of my chair, either.

The history-

Spike, or SyFy, or one of those played it.

Stan Lee Presents: The Condor

The film-

Haven't seen it.
Can only assume similar mediocrity to "Mosaic".

Skimming wiki...a skateboarder gets hurt, then regenerated, and empowerd...(sounds an awful lot like Lightspeed)...this time, with nanites.

Then, he fights zombies.

Nanites, and zombies, eh?
Well, he's got the latest buzzwords/trends, anyway, at least up to '07.
He ain't playing with gamma rays anymore, so, he's trying.

The history-


Phew, there, think that about does it for cape/tight heroes, formally declared supers, and adventurers dancing into super territory.

Up next, other films based on comics.
Including  a bunch I can't believe Wiki didn't properly list as superheroes.
Thanks, Wiki, you could have saved me a bunch of work having it all in the same spot.
Well, guess I'm doing the work for ya with these...


hyla2 said...

So. Monsters -vs- Aliens was good, eh?

Hmm. Mebbe I checks out. I brushed it off from glance one. The fish-man looked like they started with a Sasquatch/Ape-Man, then tacked on some Gill-Man drag as an afterthought. As a long time Creature Of The Black Lagoon fan, I was not amused.


But, you sez it's good. I'll give it a shot.

Diacanu said...

Come on, Hugh Laurie as the fly guy, giant white haired chick fights robots, I thought that sorta deal would be your ticket.

And fish-monkey is the dealbreaker?


hyla2 said...

AAA! Chrissakes! You was lyin' in wait!

Yeah, pretty shallow. YES. Fish-monkey stuck in my craw. And the aliens looks too meh, I felt.

There was just such a glut of CG animated features then, I was suspicious of quality. Looked like a bad Incredibles wannabe.

BUT. I am willing to relent. Did NOT know about House playing the mad scientist. That intrigues, fo' sho'.

Diacanu said...

Yes, yes I was.
*My trademark creepy grin*

No, I was skeptical too, but Megamind and Monster vs Aliens each have their own flavor, and message, and facet they cover.

Well, like how Defendor, Super, and Kick-Ass share various similarities, but couldn't be more different.

hyla2 said...

Okay, I'll give it a looksee. And Megamind.

Still haven't seen Super or Defendor, although I did see Kick Ass in theaters.

Diacanu said...

I do agree there was a glut at one point, but, the good ones have sorted out.

If you like Kick-Ass, you should dig Super.
Especially Boltie.
Heh heh.

Diacanu said...

Random thoughts-

The Carol Burnett infomercial is better than the real shit on TV.

I guiltily admit, the trailer for the Three Stooges remake actually has me intrigued.

hyla2 said...

. . .

Wow. That is random.

Random me THIS, Batman!

Where does 'The Wraith' sit in alla this superhero mess!

You CAN'T have forgotten THE WRAITH!?!

Diacanu said...

Oh, Great Googah moogah, are you spying on me?

I sat there staring at the screen for 5 minutes thinking "...does that really qualify?? Sss...I ''s a guy in a".

I opted for "no", didn't think anyone would miss it, but you caught me out, so back in it goes...

hyla2 said...

I used to LOVE that movie!

Actually one of the first DVDs I ever owned (off a table of shitbox remainders Borders was desperate to get rid of and were begging us to take off their hands, back when I worked there, before they nosedived) . . . and have since ditched.

He's an avenging ghost! In . . . alien . . . NASCAR armor . . .

But, yes, that qualifies as superhero as much as Ghost Rider or . . . I dunno, Street Hawk? But dead? And with a car? . . . Sorta . . . Ghost Street Hawk rollin around in Super-KITT?


Diacanu said...

Well, first thing, I gotta WATCH the sucker!

I got a category I can slot it into on the list, and it's far enough off to give me time.

hyla2 said...

TELL ME . . . that is not to imply that you've NEVER seen 'The Wraith'.

Just that you need to refresh your memory.

(rubs eyes)

In either case . . . ENJOY! Enjoy young Charlie Sheen, before his wretched future did unfold! Enjoy young Clint Howard with Gumby hair!
Enjoy . . . the maaaaaaaaaaaaagic!

Diacanu said...

Probably memory refresh.
I'll probably remember it when I see it.

If it rotated on 80's HBO, I saw it.

Like, Time Rider, I know I saw that bunches, I can't remember that at all, but if I saw it, it would come back.

Diacanu said...

Okay, laters.

hyla2 said...

Time Rider . . .

Oh, sweet shit . . . Is that the Michael Naismith dirtbike movie?

I remember seeing that thing on the wall at Nicely's and almost shitting when I saw the boss Monkee's name on it.

hyla2 said...


Okay, tomorrow, ya puss!


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