Saturday, November 26, 2011

Superhero Flicks, Part 4: Spider-Man

All right, so, after sopping up the leftover DC gravy, we're on to the Marvels now.

So, if we started with Supes for DC, then, we gotta go with Marvel's banner character (as determined by the companies themselves by crossover) Spidey.

The Amazing Spider-Man (1977)

The film-

The pilot for the short-lived TV series.

Starring Nicholas Hammond, who was one of the Von Trapp kids in "The Sound Of Music".

The history-

I don't remember very much of this.

I remember the craptacular 70's TV effects.
Like, the reverse-film trick for the web shooting.
And, the bulky-ass web shooters.
And the hand-colored film frame flashing eyes effect for the Spidey-sense.

Burnt into my memory was the porno-guitar wall-crawling theme that went "bwow, bwow, bwow, bwow, bwow, bwa-bwadoowww!! (repeats) Bwow, bwow, bwow, bwow, bwow, bwa-bwadoowww!!".

I even incorporated it into my action figure play.

I remember they reran these on USA Network for a helluva while.
I loved 'em as a kid.
I didn't care how cheesey it was, anything with a Marvel/DC hero, I was there.


The film-

Decent, but in hindsight, 2 blows it away.
It's a first issue movie.

The history-

I dug it okay, but I remember Harry Knowles saying he went to the bathroom and cried after seeing it.
Fuckin' come on, man.

"Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark", now that, you can cry about.
Cry, and puke.
And pee a little.

Spider-Man 2

The film-

One of the all time great superhero movies, I'd put it up there with Superman 2.
Pretty goddamned good.

The history-

You gotta cry with joy at one, Harry, do it here.
Someone married that fuckin' trout, can you believe that shit?
What an awful planet this is.
Just awful.

Spider-Man 3

The film-

From here...

Eh, everyone holds their nose, and gags at this one, but, I think it's okay.
Not the masterpiece that 2 was...but that was pretty damned hard to top.
But, if this was an issue of the comic, it'd pass muster.
Well, we'll see what the upcoming reboot flick is like...maybe everyone will end up longing for 3 in hindsight...

Yeah, I guess I stand by that.
It's the least good one.

The history-

Caught this one on DVD.
Only one I missed at the theater.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

The film-

Tch, fuckin' remakes....

Come ON!
The turnaround for these should be more than 10 fuggin' years from the first one.

Otherwise, you'd be remaking the original Star Wars trilogy....FOREVER.

Oh, wait, George essentially is, what with all the tweaking...

Anyway, have you seen the on-set pics of the new suit?

Am I the only one who saw those eye-pieces, and immediately thought..."bwow, bwow, bwow, bwow, bwow, bwa-bwadoowww!! (repeats) Bwow, bwow, bwow, bwow, bwow, bwa-bwadoowww!!"?


Well, there, that went quick....

Up next, Hulk smash!!


hyla2 said...

That's funny . . . I always remembered the '70's Spiderman theme going like:

dannanananana . . . Da-dannaa . . . Da-dannaa . . . D-danna-d-danna-dt-danannanaa . . . D-d-daaa-dt-danant-dan-na-na! . . . Dt-dd-dana-nannaaa . . .

Or something like that.

Diacanu said...

Yeah, that's when the horns kicked in right after the porno guitar.

hyla2 said...

Aw, now I'm going to have that in my head all week . . .


Geez, I loved that show, although it always bugged the crap out of me that they never attempted any Spidey villains. Probably budget concerns, but they could've done some cheap illusionist crap with Mysterio or something . . .

Diacanu said...

Bam, Hulk is up.

Diacanu said...

Oh, and agreed about the Spidey villains.

Marvel had a helluva time getting bankroll for their stuff for the longest time.

hyla2 said...

Yeah. The best they could do was . . . Ninjas, I seem to recall, in one episode. I think that one involved an evil oriental curse, too. :P

Oh, and 'evil twin/clone' Spidey. Closest they got to a supervillain.

Diacanu said...

And then, the 90's era comics ripped off the whole clone thing, and milked it hard.

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