Saturday, August 20, 2016

Big Summer Movies Part 4. (Part 7)

It ain't "The BFG". ;-)

Sausage Party (2016)

We get two great comedies with Kristen Wiig this year! :-D
And, a trailer for "Office Christmas Party", with Kate McKinnon, so two Ghostbusters!

Now, to the flick.

I really dug it. :-)

It's got everything you'd want out of a movie like this.
Profanity, innuendo, sex, murder, drugs, mocking religion, social satire, ethnic stereotypes that leave no one unscathed, and scads of celebrities.

And holy shit, a song by Alan Menken!!
The guy that did fucking "Aladdin", "Beauty And The Beast", and "Hercules"!!!
Talk about raped childhoods!!

Go out and see it, it's a blast.

No rundown, it's a fast movie, and everything I could delve into would be spoilers.

The ending leaves it wide open for infinite potential exploration wise.
Hope there's sequels.
It's making good money, so there probably will be.

Don't wait through the credits, there's nothing.

So, that's it.
Next up, the big summer recap!

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