Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Star Trek 2.5- Star Trek Into Darkness Review.

Well, I kinda sorta spoiled it yesterday with the TWOK anniversary post, but, I'll spoil it outright, because I don't think the big secret deserves to be a big secret, it should have been the selling point of the fucking flick.

It's Khan.

Okay? It's Khan.
I spoiled it for myself a month or so ago.
Didn't ruin a damned thing for me.
In fact, I've had the whole damned plot spoiled, and still enjoyed it.


  • IMHO, the best since TWOK, possibly tied, possibly better. Gotta let it settle in my mind for a few days.
  • Easily better than ST09.
  • Less lens flares.
  • Cast overall is great.
  • More McCoy, but still not enough.
  • Cumberbatch is all right, but he's not the shining golden god the publicity is hyping him as. 
  • There's plenty to nitpick, and I don't even care.
  • The opening spoiler? They outright lied when they said it wasn't Khan. Be wary of this policy of outright lying for the next one.
  • Lots of callbacks to ST09, and TWOK.
  • Lots of callbacks to all of Trek history.
  • Lots of good action. What Mike Stoklasa would call "big dumb action", but I enjoyed it.
  • People are picking apart Simon Pegg's Scotty in this, they can bite me.
  • There are some big science whoppers, but...TOS was guilty of same.
  •  I do agree, they gotta lose Lindelof. Bad enough he made "Prometheus", so nitpickable.

The overall....

Best Trek in a fuck of awhile, and that includes the last couple series.
If they can keep this up for part 3, and then whatever series 6 is, we'll be in good shape again.
This is another great summer.

Tomorrow, going to see Iron Man 3.


Caudimordax said...

Hooray! I loved it, too, and I can't understand people who said "meh" (what do they expect, real explosions that demolish the movie theater?) or people who said the film makers shouldn't have been "allowed" to touch Khan, as though he were Winnie the Pooh or some other beloved character from their childhoods.

I agree about Winnie the Pooh, though. ;-)

severalspeciesof said...

Am I the only one that saw Admiral Marcus being just as much the villain as Khan? In fact... as the actual antagonist? Which gave this film even more depth than many give it?

Diacanu said...

Well, not only that, I thought Marcus clearly represented Rummy & Cheney.

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