Sunday, August 28, 2016

41st birthday haul part 2-ish.

And/or Big Winter Movies Part 1 part 1.75.

And/or Big Winter Movies Part 2 part 0.

Okay, got this stuff Tuesday the 23rd, but its taken awhile to view and digest it all.
Here we go....

Ash vs Evil Dead (2015)

See here, and here.

Finally came out on Blu-Ray the 23rd, so rushed right out to Bullmoose to get it.
The cover of the Blu-Ray has that yellow poster, while the DVD has the full photo-manip poster.
The Blu-Ray still has the photo poster on the back shrunken in the corner though.

Binged it in commentary mode, still have to do it again in regular mode.
You get commentary on all 10 episodes!

Season 2 comes out October 2nd.
Can't wait.

Season 1 is half an hour longer than the films strung together, so I'm getting an ED trilogy worth of content every year for...awhile.

Us geeks are so spoiled. :-D

Trick R Treat (2007)

After doing "Welcome to the monster cluuub! (Part 3!)", I was naturally wondering who in the Hell Sam was.

So, I tracked down "Trick R Treat", and gave it a whirl, and here was my quickie review in comments.

Loved it!
Total love letter to "Creepshow".

And it is.
Right down to the first image being a Jack-O-Lantern, to the comics pages in the credits montage.

This is Creepshow 4.
3 being "Tales From The Darkside The Movie".
That godawful fake "Creepshow 3", wishes it were this movie.

With Halloween coming right up, I totally recommend it.
(Trick R Treat, not Creepshow 3)

So, I bought those, and ordered "Tobin's Spirit Guide", to go with "Ghosts From Our Past".
Yeah, you knew I was going to when I mentioned it then, dincha?

So, you know that review's coming.

And that's that.
Retro-linking this to part 1 in comments.

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Diacanu said...

Oh, and I also grabbed a bag of Lindor truffles (Stracciatella) and ate them in rush hour traffic.

I had been searching for Ecto-Cooler.
Still no dice.

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