Monday, August 8, 2016

Happy 30th anniversary, Transformers The Movie!

Shit, hope I haven't missed it!
I think I have until 3 am on Google's clock before it counts as a day late...

So, where were we last year?
Oh, shit, yeah, the famous "writer's room", that gave everyone false hope.
Yeah, Michael Bay just wiped his ass on that with a bored yawn, and is cranking out another turd in his crap-iverse called "Transformers: The Last Knight".

Well, we're getting a 30th anniversary Blu-Ray of Transformers '86, anyway.
That's something.

I missed out on the 25th edition, so I'd better get moving on grabbing this one.

By the time we get to the 35th, physical media will probably be gone, so this is probably my last chance.

Oh, yeah, and as revealed here, and here, there's that whole Hasbro Cinematic Universe thing.
I'll take that as tentatively as the Magic Writer's Room.
I'll believe it when I see it.

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Paladin said...

Matrix opens, emits rays of brilliant light.

Song begins: YOU GOT THE TOUCH!

Optimus: "Rise, Rodimus Prime."

I still watch that bit every now and again. That, and the Optimus/Megatron fight at the beginning. I love it when Optimus goes on a rampage (in his tractor trailer form) and is running Decepticons down.

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