Monday, June 27, 2016

Big 2016 movie preview. (Update!)

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Star Trek Beyond?

I'm not going.

I've seen Trek in the theater since "The Voyage Home", but Trek has been an abusive relationship through the late 90's and 00's, and the last straw was them recently fucking over the fan-film community with draconian bullshit.
Fans kept Trek alive, and Paramount keeps shitting on them.
They can't have my money anymore.
I had little enthusiasm for this one before, "Into Darkness", was forgettable, this looked like more of the same, this clinched it for me.

So, if Ghostbusters is good enough, I'll see that a third time, and if not....

Sausage Party August 12th, one week after "Suicide Squad".
Decently sure this'll make me happier than another anemic Trek ever would.

Anyway, fucking Star Wars is back, I've got "Rogue One", in December, Trek isn't the last chopper outta 'Nam for space opera anymore.

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B. D. said...

Huh, I thought you liked the two Abrams "Trek"'ve soured on them then? I liked them but have noticed far more than when they came out how much hate they've received. If I'm not pumped for this new one it's probably because the dude that made it is that "Fast & Furious" director guy. Eghn, not a fan of those...

"10 Cloverfield Lane" is good enough for what it is, except for a very off-base ending. If you're uh interested that is.

Diacanu said...

I liked the first one as a pilot episode, and thought it showed promise for what was coming.

The second one rehashed the beats of the first one, so didn't live up to that promise.
It had entertaining stuff, it's not BAD, but I haven't bothered to watch it multiple times or anything.

And this third one looks like they doing the first one a third time.

Plus, a combined 7 fucking years was a ridiculous amount of time to have to wait for these.
Especially considering the only other good project JJ was involved with in that time was "The Force Awakens".
The rest of it was resume stuffing.

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