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The Best Of: I'm Okay With The 10's So Far...

Ah, there, 70's, 80's, 90's, and 00's are the main body of the thing that I started off with VH1's lists.

Now, into the formerly uncharted waters of the 10's.

Unedited versions-
I'm okay with the 10's so far...
Yearbook: 2011, A Look Back


BP oil spill

Stupid muthafuckas.

The Comedy Central Roast Of David Hasselhoff

Greg Giraldo's last. :(

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

(James Lipton voice)
An utter delight!

Ranted about this here.

A Nightmare On Elm Street (remake)

Sucked!! And Wes Craven, and Rachel Talalay in NSE totally called it.

The Human Centipede

Loved it!

Okay, touched on it way back here.

Almost got scared away from it by Ebert's review here.

Posted the Tosh spoiler review here.

Finally worked up the nerve, saw it, was both spooked, and amused, and that, is good horror.
I own it now.

Dieter Laser is just excellent in this.
My favorite mad scientist on film thus far.
I hope he gets a lot more horror work.

The mad scientist is my favorite movie villain archetype, and there aren't enough of them period, but of those few, there aren't many good ones.

You gotta go back to Jeffrey Combs as Herbert West in the 80's, and even further back to Peter Cushing's Victor Frankenstein after that.
It's a pretty thin hall of fame...

Anyway, Tom Six has made me an instant fan of his work, and I anxiously await the Centipede sequel.

Mel Gibson goes batshit.

Ha haaaaa!!!


Louis C.K. is quickly becoming one of my favorite comedians.

Man, he's in his 40's and divorced, and somehow, I can already relate to his jaded sentiments to life and living.

Especially the bleak hopelessness of finding love in this sick society.


Said most of it in the Conan rant in 90's 3...

Welcome back, Coco.

Shmegalamonga turns 2!

Pretty much said all the highlights here...

2nd anniversary post.

But also, for year 2, finished off Harry Hembock: Dark Designs...

...did an honest recap of the whole blog...

...Even the crumple-shit...

..aaand a buncha other stuff.

Yeah, unlike year 1, I think it's coming into focus.
It's solidifying into what I envisioned.
Me happy.


The year of hell begins.

See here.

Harry Hembock turns 22!!

See here.

I do these 70's, 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's lists.

I love the 70's.

Didn't think to give these my own specialty titles yet...probably would've gone with "I have fuzzy swiss-cheese memories of the 70's".

Anyway, this, and the sequel made me appreciate how cool the good parts of the 70's were.

I love the 70's (part 2) 

Ditto the above.

I really friggin' love the 80's.

Great walk down my favorite decade.
No complaints.
Even the crappy stuff has a glow to it.
Just perfect.
Flew through these topics.
A joy.

I really friggin' love the 80's (part 2) 


I really friggin love the 80's (part 3) 


I h8 the 90's.

Shitty list overall, brought back really bad memories.

I h8 the 90's (part 2) 


I h8 the 90's (part 3) 

Really, really, REALLY glad I did this one.
The 90's making me feel that lousy just didn't sit right.
Glad I wasn't lazy, just plowing through the pre-made lists.
This took some hard work, but it was worth it to redeem that decade for myself.
Very therapeutic.
And, a good job, if I do say so myself.

I "meh", the 00's. 

Nother crappy list.

I really wanted to race to the end, but I couldn't leave this alone either.
Had to do another homemade one of the shit I loved, because it was really a transformative decade for me in a good way.
It had its rough patches, as they all do, but, yeah, good times.

I "meh", the 00's (part 2) 

The last one.
Felt like it went a little smoother than 90's 3, but..I know it had to be as hard to do mentally/physically.
Well, I had the groundwork of the other lists to lean on, I think.
It just felt easier because of that.
Still had to write about as much.

Yeah, these were gonna be a quickie thing, but they ended up being a long chunk of work...and the homemade ones ended up being even funner.
In the case of 90's 3, it was a healing experience.
A genuine epiphany.

Y'know, I like this format, I gotta find more things to do with it.

Watson on Jeopardy.

Asimo has the body, Watson has the brain.

Evil Dead 2 turns 24!


Eh, pretty much told my history with this trilogy in the "Army Of Darkness", rant in 90's 3.

Revolutions in the middle east.

Catch the wave!

Charlie Sheen goes batshit.

Charlie Sheen finally got funny.
Took him long enough.

The Comedy Central Roast Of Donald Trump

No more Greg Giraldo.
Dead y'know. :(

Well, this one will go down for "The Situation", laying a big stink bomb on the stage.

Dunno if that's gonna have the pop culture half-life of coked-up-Courtney...probably not..

Earthquakes/tsunami/mudslides/snow/nuke-meltdowns in Japan.

Jeez, these poor bastids can't catch a break with this whole mess...

Lobbing bombs at Wacky Kadaffy.

Operation Odyssy Dawn? Sounds like a Cabbage Patch Kid.
And you know by now how I feel about those...

Well, he still ain't dead as of this typing.
Looks like he's probably gonna crush the rebellion.
The world is crap.
(Updated, he ate hot lead)

We lost Elisabeth Sladen, Jack Kevorkian, "Macho Man",  Randy Savage, and Jeff Conaway.


Osama bin Laden got shot through the eyes.

Good riddance.

We lost Clarence Clemens, Peter Falk, and Ryan Dunne.


Cheerios turned 70

There shoulda been a parade for this or something.
It's a staple of our nutritional lives, dammit.

3rd anniversary of Shmegalamonga!!


Oprah retired



*Eye roll, facepalm*

End of the shuttle era.

Don't dream of being an astronaut anymore, kids, settle for shitty rapper, arrogant doctor, or crooked defense attorney.
Or, maybe even shitty politician that takes pictures of his junk.
But basically, aim low, and be shitty, you're stuck on Earth.
It's shitty.

Coke freestyle.

The Norway bomber/shooter.


Amy Winehouse died.

You all sat by, and let it happen.

MTV turned 30.

No one seemed to care.

Star Trek turned 45.

No one seemed to care.

9/11 turned 10.

Everyone cared too much.
To the exclusion of all else.

I turned 36.

Yipee Skippy!

DADT was repealed.

Well, that took long enough.

Superheroes became real.

Freddy vs Jason turned 8.

I'm totally gonna have a bash on the 10th anniversary.

Hurricane Irene failed to kill me.


Andy Rooney died.




Evil Dead 1 turned 30.

Only geeks cared.

Kim Jong Il croaked.

Good riddance.

We also lost Patrice O'Neal, Bill McKinney, Harry Morgan, and Chris Hitchens.


Found Hyla, ThatGalaxynextdoor born.

Yearbook abandoned.




And of course, the watching of all the movies, old and new, that comprise it.
But special mention goes out to...

The Avengers.

Fuck yeah!

I turned myself inside out to observe every stinking little holiday.

Look for a compilation soon...

And...that's THE END!

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