Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yeah, that's enough of Yearbook

Pain in the ass to keep track of, and depressing logging the goings on of this dumb awful human world.

Besides, it got me to where I needed to be creatively.

The format evolved into the review series, which, I'm pretty sure isn't the final stage of this thing, it'll probably/hopefully evolve into what I'm really supposed to do with this whole blog thing, but, I gotta just let it happen by going through the process.

Whole thing started because VH1 won't release "I love the...",  on DVD, so I thought "fuck it, I'll swipe their lists, and do my OWN commentary, they're MY memories, after all".

Then, I got sick of their shitty picks, so I did some from-scratch ones, then it mutated from there.

I thought the way to go was to turn the whole blog into these "yearbooks", by making/doing the Shrieks/Feesh categories, then compiling them every few months. DID streamline things, so, I'm glad I did that.

AND, the 90's re-examination was therapy, so I needed to do that.

Now...I dunno, but not this anymore.

Shit...I'll still need to compile real-life milestones, and blog milestones, and anniversaries, and such...

Eh, Biography and Harry pages can do that.

Yeah, later, Yearbook.

"Best Week Ever", has a blog for the "history", shit, I ain't gotta be that guy.
It was fun for awhile, though.

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