Friday, June 15, 2012

The Best Of: I "meh", the 00's.

So, 70's & 80's clipped along pretty well, 90's...not as quick as I would have liked, but still better than before, let's see what I can do about the 00's...

Should go smooth, VH1 bailed on their list at 2007, and I had to fill it up with my homemade version...

And, like last time, all the video game evolution stuff can be found in "Heroes of Vidya Games".

Oh yeah, and the uncut ones...
Part 1.
Part 2.



Wrong date, VH1, already talked about it. 

MTV Cribs

See my rant on "house of style".

Cast Away

Pretty good, best in the theater though, and especially at the plane crash.
Guess I'm supposed to exclaim "Wiiilsoooon!!", well, I'm not going to do it.

The Brak Show

Spinoff of "Space Ghost Coast To Coast", and fucking hilarious.
The dad was the best one, followed by Zorak, then Thundercleese.
Brak was a vegetable, he's somewhere in the 10's on my list.
Pretty sure I finally had Cartoon Network by now, and didn't miss any new ones.

Sealab 2021

Man, another weird rib-breaking-laughter show.
This was really the golden age of CN.
This jumped a shark, and ain't even on anymore.
The makers of this went on to do "Frisky Dingo", which was all right, and now "Archer", which is excellent.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The crown jewel of Adult Swim when it was new.
Funnier than all of the above when it was good.
Eh, jumped a shark too, but I hear it's gotten good again, I gotta catch up.

Homestar Runner

(Homsar voice)
IIII'm a sooong of the siixtiiees!!

Best part is Strongbad Emails.

Gary & Mike

The last thing I can remember coming out of Wil Vinton studios.
Vinton switched over to this more puppet-y style rather than the gooey morph-y style from the 80's.
He first tried it out in "The PJ's".
But, this was better.
Cute little show.
Very easily could've been a live-action sitcom.
Well, except you can have crazier stuff happen to cartoons for cheaper.
And, I thought the theme song was great.

Invader Zim

From the maker of "Jimmy The Homicidal Maniac".
Wonderful little show, the last thing with any edge Nickelodeon ever made.

The Oblongs

Little bit ham-fisted in the satire department, but it was pretty good.
More about the characters than any deep message.
Helga, and the drunken mom are probably the best ones.


And Marvel flicks officially got good here.
Then Spiderman, and the snowball was rolling.

SD cards/USB flash drives

And the disk drive was dead, and jillions of mobile gadgets were born.


The sci-fi robots are here.


Low-rise jeans

The kind that show the tramp stamp, right?

Fear Factor

I predicted something like this too...not in a good way...


...and all the players, and swiss-army-gizmos that exploded afterward.
The birth of the new age!

America comes together following 9/11

And how long did that last?
Couple weeks?
Depends on where you put the goalpost.
Whites coming together?
Whites and blacks coming together against Muslims?
Or, if you count specific innocent Muslim-Americans that got attacked, that shit failed instantly.

Yeah, but I've ranted against the lame shit that came from 9/11 before....

Samurai Jack

Genndy Tartakovsky's magnum opus.
First, there was Dexter's Lab, and Powerpuff Girls, then this.
Yeah, it was pretty cool.
The villains had to all be secret-robots inside for him to cut them to peices.
Censors y'know.
He followed this up with "Star Wars: Clone Wars".
And here's a little factoid, he was uncredited, but he choreographed the end fight of "Iron Man 2".
But yeah, everything by Tartovosky since then has been "like Samurai Jack but with...(insert difference)".

Adult Swim

What? There was Sealab, Brak, and Aqua Teen before Adult Swim?
That don't seem right....

Well, anyway, Adult Swim happened....

Justice League

With Kevin Conroy still as Batman.
Keeck ahhss!!

What Superfriends?
What's that?
No, that never happened.

Favorite character?
Besides Bats?
Hawk Girl.

Also, I wish the whole Batman/Wonder woman relationship had taken off.
Why's Bats gotta be alone? Let the bastid be happy.
Tch, writers.

Insomniac With Dave Attell

I miss this show.
No, I want this show to be my life.
Just getting into these crazy situations of ridiculous/dark humanity, having magic TV Camera invincibility, and being able to be unfazed and snarkily comment through the whole thing with lightning wit.
Attell is a friggin' superhero.
But he doesn't care what I think.
And he won't join the Legion.
He wouldn't be Attell if he did.

Strong Bad Emails

Great fucking web series.
Got the first 3 DVDs.
Need to catch up.



This, and the first X-Men were the start of the lucky streak of GOOD Marvel movies.
Only took 40 years to get that off the ground...sheesh..

Tough Crowd With Colin Quinn

Aww, man, I miss this almost as much as Donahue.
It tilted conservative, but they had everybody in the standup business on, and they discussed everything, no holds barred.
It was just fucking great.
Everyone, whether you agreed with them or not, had a fucking brain too, not like Fox is now, with the Beck propaganda trash.
Colin especially held his own.
Just beautiful.
I miss it so goddamned much.
Networks go out of their way to kill shit like this.
Colin always thought every week was his last for the whole fucking run.
Smart guy.


This was Joss Whedon's one lucky golden nugget.
(Okay, since this, he of course did the muthafucking Avengers)
Like Roddenberry with Trek.
It aped anime a lot.
One of the things I loved so much was its focus on characters, like in Tenchi.
Tenchi, you loved the characters so much, you could watch them just sit, and eat lunch.
Firefly had that quality to it.
Really good TV, really good sci-fi.
It's missed, and beloved by a decent sized chunk of geek fandom.
Virtually, everyone who saw it got converted.

InuYasha (cartoon network)

Yeah, this was my "King Of The Hill", of anime.
I got sucked in, saw the whole thing end-to-end...and regretted it.
They were essentially in the same place that they started at the end.
Inuyasha and Kagome never fucked, they never killed Naraku, it just ends with them walking off into the sunset more or less saying it'll go on forever.
Why did I include a show that pissed me off?
I dunno, but it's a memory.
And while I thought it might go somewhere with the plot, I was invested, and enjoyed myself I guess.
And it was a decent sized chunk of time.
Guess it was well spent if I was entertained.

What's New Scooby Doo?

Mindy Cohn finally really became Velma.
When I was a kid, and the old reruns were on at the same time as the original run of "the facts of life", I always thought Mindy Cohn WAS Velma.
Took me a while to figure out the whole chronology of reruns deal.
Then, when she finally did become Velma, it was like "of course! It was about time!".
And, she's been a damned good Velma.
They've actually given her shit to do.

Funny, all the gen-X nostalgia of Scooby has led to movies and shows that are a million times better than the old Scooby actually was.

Lilo & Stitch

The last really good cell animation Disney did before going pretty much solely over to CGI.

Michael Eisner brought the Disney company into a renaissance in the 90's...then in this period, he fucking trainwrecked.
Lilo & Stitch is regrettably a symbol of the resultant melancholy.
Wonderful heartfelt little movie that ended up presaging the loss of thousands of animation jobs.
The 2-D animation unit of Disney was gutted.
And there was no need of it.
We're not talking horse-buggies vs. cars, we're talking cars and motorcycles, totally different beasts.
Anyway, this is a lovely little movie, a welcome change for anyone who had soured to the witless Broadway musical formulaiac rut Disney was in in the 90's.
I'd gladly show this to my future kids, over say, "Pocahontas", or "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame".

Whelp, at least the Broadway-Disney gave the Shrek series something to spoof...

And, the spinoff TV series of "Lilo & Stitch", gave Kevin McDonald (my 3rd favorite Kid In The Hall after Scott Thompson, and Dave Foley) a regular gig for 3 years.

Gotta find the bright side...

Queen Of The Damned (soundtrack)

I dug virtually everything on this.
The, *wavey hand*.
Well, if you take it as a protracted music video for the songs, it's all right.

I could go into a long winded rant about how batshit Anne Rice has been lately, but..nah...we'd be here for hours...

Ashe: Cry For You

I thought this was part of the above soundtrack for awhile.
It's mislabeled in many...sources.
Anyway, it's not by Korn, or Marilyn Manson, it's Ashe, and the dude only had 5 songs, now Ashe is defunct, and the dude's a chick.
But, his/her MP3s are all on on his/her site for free.
Check 'em out.


Chappelle's Show

A fucking masterpiece.
We miss you, Dave.
Come back, and do something.
Eh, I could quote lines, but, it's been done to death.
I've already referenced several skits in these other lists.

Michael Jackson is accused of child molestation

Yeah, this is when having a Michael Jackson on the planet started to jump the shark.
Wasn't a fan of any of this business.
Y'know, maybe he did it, maybe he didn't,...but man, he did everything to make it look like he was weird enough to do something..especially snuggling that weird kid in that Bashir documentary...
Dude, lay off the kids while the molester stuff whizzes around, wouldja?
Apparently, the second dose of this shit helped rush him to his death.
Poor bastid.
He needed a headshrinking so bad.
Well, full circle to the 70's it wasn't worth it.

Clay Aiken

Clay Aiken or glory?

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Yep, this trilogy whupped the SW Prequels.
A lot of stuff would go on to do so.

Spike-TV/Spike launches

With Ren & Stimpy openly having gay buttsex!! Aaahahahahaaa!!!


Great fucking show.
Stuff blows up, bullshit gets debunked, and Kari is smokin!!

All right, I mourned the loss of stuff like Mr. Wizard (80's 3), but this show is pretty fucking sweet for sciencey experiment stuff.

Yeah, we're all gonna be okay.

Penn & Teller's Bullshit

Fucking beautiful.
Okay...Penn leans a bit Randroid, and the climate episode had some iffy information, but overall, I just love how it tears down...well, everything in America, because America is so fucking full of bullshit.
You think it'd be a little thing here or there, but man, in this country, there's so damned MUCH of it!
It's almost the whole friggin' ball of wax.
Which is good in a way, cuz they won't run out of episodes anytime soon.

The show DVDs are in my recommended list.
Here's a direct link.

The Zombie Survival Guide

Max Brooks really, really, REALLY did his homework for this.
Well, I don't have to go into too much detail, you all have it on your reading table.

The Grim Adventures Of Billy & Mandy

Gotta love a show that bases an episode on "God Emperor Of Dune".

Definately for and by geeks, and disguised as a kiddie show.
Well, like "Powerpuff Girls", and "Courage The Cowardly Dog".
A kid wouldn't get nine tenths of the references they squeeze into this.

Well, sneaky savvy subversive stuff like that goes back to the days of "Rocky & Bullwinkle".
There was an episode of "fractured fairy tales", the "Sleeping Beauty", one, that's a brutal sendup of Walt Disney, and shows what a shark people (particularly animators) thought he was even back then.
Heh, heh, sweet.
I love knowing this shit.

The Venture Bros.

This started out like, regular cool, and keeps getting better with every season, and is now off the charts of the cool meter, and has evolved into a whole new thing that we have to invent a word for, cuz "cool", just doesn't cut it anymore.

It's THE geek show.
References fly fast and furious, comics, movies, progressive rock, David Bowie, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Aleister Crowley...
The characters are awesome, it's funny as hell, there's no way you can't love this show.

Oh, and The Monarch is the greatest supervillain of all time.

I think this show is a big reason I don't need Tenchi anymore, America finally evolved into the nation that can make Venture Brothers.
American TV doesn't inherantly suck anymore.
Took fucking long enough.

This is a slice of what I meant about the 90's geek stuff evolving into the mainstream.

Cartoon Network has jumped the shark with way too many live-action shows that also happen to suck, but Venture keeps it on life-support artisticly.
Hope they can stay on to the completion of all the arcs.

Although, I hear reports CN is trying to screw them financially, and it's thrown a monkey wrench into season 5.
Well, if they lose Venture, then they will have shot themselves in the foot with a helicopter gun.

Reno 911!

Great show from the people who brought us "the state".
Well...they ARE "the state".

...minus Michael Ian Black...but outside of the "I Love The...", shows, the shows he's tried to do are just fucking wretched, and he sucks...

But, he guest starred on Reno a couple times, and wasn't horrible at that.

Anyway, good show, but you all saw it.


I want to fuck Abby.

Bad Santa

One of the all time great cult films.
I won't spoil a damned thing by describing it, or quoting it, cuz it's all gold.
And besides, you should have seen it already.
Terry Zwigoff who did "Crumb", directed this.
And Billy Bob kicks ass.

(Impression of Will Farrel's James Lipton impression)

Oh, and y'know who's in this?
John Ritter.

Freddy Vs. Jason

I've talked about this one a lot...

You can tell it's one of my favorite fucking movies, huh?
Not much more to say about it that I haven't already.

Um...the Robert Englund commentary is good.
He makes up for lost time for not being in the other commentaries, there's trivia of all 8 flicks squeezed in there.
Yep, this one's a treasure.

I went by myself to see this at the theater, and I was so jazzed by it, I was practically high, and the drive home felt like riding a fucking cloud.
I remember it literally like it was yesterday.
Every time I fire up the DVD, I'm right there again.

Also, this came out a year short of the 20th anniversary of the first "Nightmare".
The 10th got "New Nightmare", and "Never Sleep Again", came out a year late for the 25th.

Wonder if there'll be anything for the 30th...
Hope so..
S'only 3 years away now 'y'know.

When I die, cremate me, mix me with plastic, press me out into a DVD, and burn this flick onto me.
Do me up with a nice label and case too.



Meh, all right.
"Candid Camera", reborn.
Everyone used to say "am I on Candid Camera?", when something weird happened.
Now they go "am I being Punk'd?"
So, Ashton Kutcher is immortal.
Until the next whipper-snapper with a hidden camera show comes along.


A sick fucking joke, played both by, and on Hollywood.
This, and Richard Gere's ass tongue-ing of the Dali Llama have spread nothing but awkward inconvenienced annoyance.

Super Size Me

Yep, I dug this one.
It's in my recommended reading/viewing list.

Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction"

Yeah, right.
Look, get over shit like this, Puritan America, and it won't be a big fucking deal anymore, and it won't work as a publicity stunt.

And stop hiding behind your children, you cowards.

Look, under 2, kids see tits as lunch, so they don't care.
From about 4 onward, they think they're gross, and don't look.
And at about 10-14, seeing some titties is a good start.
So, what's the harm of a titty?
Where is it?
Well, okay, Janet's 50 year old crinkly nippled titty with a ninja star on it...

But, come on, grow up, America.
..what am I saying?
This is the country that still believes in ghosts, and Angels, and doubts evolution.
Large swaths of it, anyway.
Yeah, we're fucked.

The Darkness's "I Believe in a Thing Called Love"

Yeah! Finally some fuckin' rock n' roll!
And a funny video to boot!

Liked this, and "one way ticket..".
You don't see these guys anymore.
I'm sure if I dug around, they still tour or something.
It's just that MTV up and decides "we're done with you".
Well, fuck them.
Power to the people.

House M.D.

Best show on regular-ass TV.
You have to buy Showtime, and watch Dexter to do much better.
Love me some House marathons on USA and FX.
Sometimes, it's the only fucking watchable thing on TV.

Angry Video Game Nerd

My favorite web series.
There are a shitloads of other "angry reviewers", but as far as I can tell, if he wasn't the first, he's about the best.
The "acting", on the others is kinda squint-worthy, James comes across as just himself.

And man, is he friggin' thorough on everything..

Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

The only live-action show Cartoon Network has had on thus far that hasn't made me want to stab someone in the fucking eyes.

Really fucking hilarious, especially if you're old enough to remember 80's horror.
The cheesey C string stuff, anyway.


Yep, this happened.
The founder is a criminal.
Yeah, he payed the guys off,
I will not watch the movie about him.
Bad enough he has the planet in this thing's tentacles, I ain't giving him money.

Rescue Me

The only show I like better than House.
And only by a smidge.
I think...I missed the last season somehow.
Gotta Hulu that...

Bill Hicks Live: Satirist, Social Critic, Stand-up Comedian (DVD)

Love it.
It's got 3 concerts, and a documentary.
A must have for Hicks fans..cuz...well, it's THE DVD.
Well, there's "Sane Man", but the jokes repeat.

The Punisher

Ohhh yeeahhh, got to see this at the theater, almost as jazzed leaving the theater as "Freddy Vs. Jason".
It got no props from hardly anyone.
Despite having Travolta, it's stayed a cult hit most people forgot.
And it even had a hit single off the soundtrack, Evanescence's "broken".
Fuckin' song charted, dammit.
Nope, no mainstream love for Punisher.
Ah, well.
Well, Punisher's comic is cult too, so, it's about right.

George Carlin: When Will Jesus Bring The Porkchops?

The audiobook of this is 6 hours of pure bliss.
Fire it up in a multi-disk stereo, close your eyes, and let the pain of your nightmare day interacting with human beings wash away.

Euphamistic language.


Pope John Paul II dies/Benedict XVI becomes the new pope

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

To Catch a Predator

Amusing seeing these swine get caught for an episode or two...but then it just gets really depressing, seeing there's no shortage of these fucking guys.
Just sucks the life out of you, how there's these heaping oppressive hordes of horrific fucking people.

Grizzly Man

(Ron White)
The fucking bear ate him!!!
*Wipes away tears of laughter*

Martha Stewart released from prison

They all do what she did.
Shoulda locked up all of Wall-Street.
In hindsight, it might've saved the country.

Hurricane Katrina and Michael D. Brown scandal

Mind-shattering horrible-ness.
Can't wrap words around it.


Ahhh, YES!
Like Napster, another piece of the puzzle.
As you can see from my links in the last one, you can find everything on here now.
Every memory you ever had, and are starting to forget, you can have back now.
It's all back.
The bastards took it, but they lose, it's back.
You can have it all back.
This is the miracle of the 00's.
Fuck the bloviating politicians, and their terrorism shit, this was the real deal.
The evolution of the internet was our real culture.
That's our real legacy.

Now, it's helping in revolutions.

My predictions in "let's fast-forward", are starting to kick in.

OK Go's "Here It Goes Again"

And these guys became a hit on Youtube.
Bye, MTV.

March of the Penguins

(Morgan Freeman voice)
Ain't nothin' easy 'bout being a goddamned penguin...nosiree...

The Aristocrats

Funny as hell, practically everyone in the business is in it.
Has to be in the collection of anyone who loves standup as an artform.
And, as mentioned in the entry on the Hugh Hefner Roast, Gilbert Gottfried's rendition is quinissential.

Well, here...

Gottfried rendition.

Robot Chicken

Geez, thousands of us as kids invented this show, Seth Green just pitched it to the network and actually did it.
And, I'm glad it was him, he does a good job.
I woulda ruined it somehow.
I dunno how, but somehow.

Now, this show is totally my sense of humor, especially when I was a kid playing with figures.
Steve (of the karate kid incident, the Freddy initiation, and the Kids In The Hall snobbery) would want to do shit like Tim & Eric.

Dammit, don't I loathe Tim & Eric....*sneers*

That's what woulda happened.
I woulda wanted to pitch Robot Chicken, Steve would wanna do his Tim & Eric thing, and if we didn't do that, he'd pitch a fit, I'd gloomily give in, and he'd get his way, his version of Tim & Eric would get the finger, and no Robot Chicken in the world.

Yeah, I'm glad Seth Green did it.

The Boondocks

Excellent satire, better written than South Park, a professional voice cast instead of Trey Parker doing everyone.
Come on, tell me the 5 Trey voices don't make you squint after awhile, even when it's a particualrly good episode.

Only gripe with Boondocks, the karate shit's getting old...
Eh, there's always a flaw.

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Did I mention Danny Devito rules?
I did?


Fergie's "London Bridge"

Doesn't ring a bell.

I think pretty much by '05 onward, I was totally tuned out of 90% of the mainstream music scene, and I haven't looked back.
And I haven't ached for new good stuff like in the 90's, there's plenty on Youtube to keep me happy.
Been easier to sever my ties to that old crappy world I was forced to injest as a kid/teenager.
It feels great.
This is how human beings are supposed to live.


Last of the good Mike Judge flicks.
Hopefully, it's just a slump.
But this one, an immortal cult classic right next to "Office Space".

HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray

(Mortal Kombat voice)
Blu-Ray wins!
Finish him!

Playstation 3 vs. XBox-360 vs. Wii

Somebody win, goddammit!!!


The first season was an epic almost on par with "Watchmen".
Then...right after that, it jumped the shark.
It's gone now.
Ah, well.

World War Z

As with "Make love! The Bruce Campbell way", and "George Carlin: When will Jesus bring the porkchops?", the audiobook is the one to go with.

Full cast, chock full of familiar famous "faces".

The Lord Of The Rings of zombies.
Dawn Of The Dead of course, being the Star Wars.

I've sadly recently heard the movie is being held up by there not being enough damned money in the world.
Well, there's still the audiobook.

Muse: Black Holes And Revelations

Fuck yeah!

Queen meets Radiohead,..kinda.

Here's my fave...

Take a bow.

And another one that's pretty darned good...

Knights Of Cydonia.

Letting Go Of God

This is a really good one for gentle de-conversion.

Me, I'm not so good at that...

Wish I could just buy a million copies of this, and put them in mailboxes.

Anyway, basically, Julia Sweeny tells her real account of gradually drifting away from first, Catholicism, then Buddism, then various hippie-dippy crystal waving enclaves, and then, finally, coming 'round to Atheism.

It's actually really sweet, and human.
Give it a chance, folks.

I heard/saw this after reading the God Delusion, but I put it first, because I want to wrap up this year with God Delusion.

Oh, yeah, and this is on my recommended viewing list...

The God Delusion

Well, like I said here, and here, this book really did me an intellectual solid.
Thanks, Dawkins.

Maybe I went a little overboard in my first year of this blog, ranting about religion so much..but..dammit, it was fun, as was debating jackasses and trolls at

Good practice, but for what...I dunno...

Course, I still think the world would be better off without organized religion, that's all a big scam, but as for the core beleifs that underpin it...

...I don't think it means much.
I don't think a lot of beliefs, if any, mean much.

Think about it, you've got Liberals who censor, you've got conservatives who run up deficits, you've got Jews that eat lobster and prosciutto anytime they feel like, you've got people of all religions who cheat, and you've got these christian-conservative-homophobe assholes who are gay, and come out only after they've hurt people.

Conversly, the nice Ned Flanders-y Christians cherry-pick away the evil shit in the Bible with the weakest of pretenses.
They'd be good anyway, they're just making excuses.

People generally do whatever they want.
I mostly don't care anymore their goofy philosophical justifications.
The Fred Phelps's of the world?
They'd be nasty anyway.
But, if Gaw-duh says so, hey, that's handy....

And the violence in the middle-east, don't get me going.

You'd maybe cut the legs off of a lot of it if they couldn't appeal to God, but, I dunno..

I'm thinking belief period is the problem.
Okay, un-evidenced belief.
But most of it is, religious or not.
Especially in fucking politics.
The only hope I see, is in electronic doodads.
If those could just evolve fast enough... is still fun to slaughter those lame arguments that are put forward

...because they're sooooo fuckin' looouussyyy!
Every last one.
It's like zapping sprites in a video game, compulsive...

Anyway, yeah, God Delusion's in the reading list link.



The next evolutionary jolt.
Combine this with Youtube, and Tosh.0, and there goes the need for "America's Funniest Home Videos".
..but did we ever need that?
Did we?

Of course, as I speak, camera phones of all brands are helping in Libya right now.
So, again, what I said about Youtube.

Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?


Actually, y'know...5th grade is about as hard as public school actually gets.
After that, they just give you new facts to regurgitate.
High School, history can be R rated.
And you get sex ed.
Eh, math theoretically gets harder, but, you can pick all the dummy maths like I did, and coast by.
Yeah, it's just 5th grade with new cartridges.
S'all it is.
Public school is fucked.

Anyway, none of the above justifies the existence of the show.

Reno 911!: Miami

Best episode of the show ever, pretty much.
And then, when they came back to TV, thud!
They killed Clemmie, and Garcia, and oh, shocker, the show sucks now, and oh, shocker, it's cancelled!
I hear the same folks are trying to get a Star Trek parody show going.
I'd reeeeaally like to see that.


Okay, I ragged on Disney for cold-bloodedly gutting 2-D animation, but dammit if this one ain't just wonderful.
Right up there with the old Rankin/Bass fantasies, and my favorite animes for richness of the characters.
But hey, Brad Bird, he's got the Midas touch.


If you coulda gotten me on TV as a teenager with the super-violent nihilistic version of Harry Hembock
I was doing then, it would've pretty much looked like this.

Like with "Robot Chicken", I ain't jealous, I'm just glad it exists, and enjoy.

God Is Not Great

I actually read this one before "the God Delusion", and while I think TGD is the better book overall, this one had me busting a gut laughing.
Hitchen knows how to turn a phrase, and a screw.

Sadly, ol' Hitch may not be long for this world.
Now...I could have sworn he'd filmed all his segments for "god is not great", the movie, like, a couple years ago, but I haven't heard any more about it, so, it looks dead in the water.
Death gets in the way of all kinds of cool shit.
We gotta do something about that whole death thing.


I Love The New Millenium

The basis for my first 00's one.

The list was crappy, which is why I'm doing this one.
And, it cut off at '07.

VH1 had a weekly edition of "I love the...", afterward called "best week ever", that hung on until '09, but then they never compiled the best-of into an updated "I love the millenium", or a part 2.
And, it got cancelled.
"Best week ever", still has a blog though, and it's still going.

Anyway, I don't like calling the oughties "the new millenium", because "millenium", includes not only all the other decades, but 9 more centuries.
It's sloppy.

"Millenium", sounds impressive, but it's sloppy when you're really just describing a decade chunk of it.
And in VH1's case, 7 stupid years.

Ah, well, I'm doing my own thing, and I'm happy with it.

George Carlin: It's bad For Ya.

George's last special.
And it was a good one.
Better than "life is worth losing", I think. could see he was not in good health.
The hopping around physical stuff he used to do, gone, he was kinda hobbling.
He was all spritely right back in "back in town", y'know?
Felt like yesterday.

Well, as always, here's a clip..

Swearing on the Bible.


Grow, internet, grooooww!!!

This has been a godsend for catching up with missed shows.
Thank you, Hulu.


Pretty much has all the bad arguments religion makes for itself, and its lunacies, all in one lovely little package.
Good starter kit for the freshly de-converted, or the wavering agnostic about to.

Breaking Bad

Starring the dad from "Malcolm In The Middle"!
Call in the little kids to watch!

I've missed a shitload of this show, whole seasons, I really gotta catch up.
I'm impressed by it though, every episode I stumble onto is the best fucking thing I've seen on television.
Grim as hell though.

Only thing grimmer would be "Dexter".
But, for lack of Showtime, I'm reeeaally behind on that...

Man, we're a long ways away from fuckin' "Dukes Of Hazzard", as a culture, ain't we?
*Wicked grin*

George Carlin dies.

This..was not cool...:(
Jerry Seinfeld had it right...dying at 70, who does that anymore?

Shmegalamonga born!

Took me long enough to give in, and join "the blogosphere", huh?

Those early days were very tentative, and experimental...

The first post. 


President Barack Obama.



This is my favoritest thing in the world next to my PC.
And the dreamiest dream machine next to the PS2.
All the games I rambled about in 90's 3?
Got 'em.
A bunch of the music?
In there.
My whole little world, reconstituted, and portable.

Go tech go!

More Dingoo!

Michael Jackson dies

VH1 battered me with every fucking milestone, may as well see it through...
My first Jackson rant from the first 70's one, still fucking covers it.

Titan Maximum

Voltron, except finally good.

From the guy who did "Morel Orel", and also, Seth Green signs the checks.

Shmegalamonga turns 1!

Felt great to hit that mark, there was some stuff I'm still proud of, but...I was still fumbling...

Anniversary post.

Well, there, in summary, once Adult Swim, and Youtube really kicked in, the long miserable culture-droughts went away once and for all.

Eh, what the heck, tomorrow, the 10's.

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