Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Grand Unification Theory (Part 1)

Here's a bit of geekiness I simply have to get out of my system once and for all, and then we can move on.

Okay, so I did up a list of all those damned crossovers, and tried to puzzle-piece them all together, right?

Well, let's see if I can't break it all down further with some techno-babble, and then, break down the techno-babble.

Sort of like how I did with "Star Trek Tech: Quantum Resolution Is Bullshit".

So...if that one made your eyes glaze over, you might wanna bail on this series of posts.

Hmm, okay, to tie all those worlds/franchises together, let's start with Trek, because, their techno-babble is second to none.

Let's start with breaking down "subspace", and "hyperspace".

I contend that there's really no difference.

Let's start with subspace.

Okay, brushing aside all the bullshit subspace has been used for, and made to justify over the years, let's just start from scratch with my own particular definition.

Let's break down the word itself.

Sub. Space.

Like "sub-atomic".

Below atomic. Ergo, below space.

So, let's break down space.
Space is really part of "timespace", which has four dimensions.
Three of space (length, width, depth), one of time.

So "below space", would conceivably be minus some of those.
Let's call it "dimension zero".

What would that look like?

Well, taking away time gets a bit hinky, so, let's save it for later.

Let's take away spatial dimensions first.
Take away depth, things become flat.
2-D, that's pretty easy to visualize.

Now, take away width, and you're left with a line.
But...that doesn't really cut it....
Even a line has tiny width.
Absolutely NO width..would mean a sort of infinite implosion along the "line".

Now, take away the length, you can almost sort of conceive of it as a dot, but even a dot has length and width, so, that would be a hard to conceive of infinite implosion.

Except....length, width, and depth define where that point singularity is.

So, it's everywhere, and nowhere.
But nowhere is part of everywhere, so, it's just everywhere.

And if you have something that's instantaneously everywhere, you've pretty much got the conditions described in achieving Warp 10 in Voyager.

Except, it takes infinite energy (or a magic super-dilithium) to push a ship into that state/realm.

And, energy, say, in the form of a human sized transporter beam, considerably less (see the transwarp beaming in JJ Abrams Trek).
And energy in the form of a radio transmission, even less.
Indeed, subspace radio seems to occupy a state of warp 9 and a crapload of decimal places.

So, even light waves have trouble cracking warp 10 via subspace.
And light has no fucking mass.

But okay, basically, subspace itself is in a natural state of warp 10, and cramming anything from our dimensions into that state, even photons, takes some doing.

What about hyperspace?

Same deal.
Ignoring the internal mechanics of how it's supposed to work, if you've got a dimensional realm that pops you in and out of this universe in such a way as to seemingly surpass light speed, and this realm co-exists with ours, and is instantly everywhere...well, sounds like subspace to me.

Sounds like different names for the same thing.

The hyperspace jump-gates on B5, and the wormhole on DS9 seemed identical in every way that mattered to me.

It's a difference that doesn't make a difference.

And, thus, the mechanics don't really make a difference.
Whether it's "dimension zero", or "a higher dimension", or "dimension curled up along the superstrings", it all gets the exact same result.

Making magic spaceships go.

And if there's no real difference between the big SF grandaddys, hyperspace, and subspace, then, what could possibly matter all these young whippersnappers like "sidespace", and "transpace", and "interspace", and "quantum slipstream"?

Jack and shit.
It's just the new kids trying to sound impressive.
Putting a new hat on Malibu Stacy.
That'll be backed up in future installments.

Speaking of "quantum slipstream", I'll break this BS even further down in an upcoming chapter entitled "a wormhole is a wormhole".

As for the time dimension I set aside earlier, I'll get to that in its own thing too.

But, I'm just putting down this bit to link to for later, cuz it's gonna come up again.

Trust me, this is all gonna come together.

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