Saturday, June 9, 2012

Shows from the past, apathy edition.

Same drill as last apathy edition, everyone thought these were hot shit, and....they did nothing for me.

Not even eliciting anger, or annoyance, just passed through me like Taco Bell through The Vision.

And,  a bunch of these might shock the hell out of you, cuz some of 'em are "the great shows of all time".

I Love Lucy.

Yeah, sorry.
I recognize it's an important show in the history of things, but....*shrug*.

Mary Tyler Moore.

Never got into it, Nick At Nite reran it, still couldn't get into it.
I might have even seen the whole thing.
It's watchable, everyone's all right, likable characters, I dunno.
I should like it more...just didn't happen.

Three's company.

I dunno, I like the people who were in it...but overall, kinda insipid.



Charlie's Angels.

See again my rant on porn, and TV titillation.

Yeah, the girls were hot/cute, but....why suffer an awful show to get to 'em?
I've never quite gotten this mentality.

Eight Is Enough.

A flicker of the theme song, and the Family Guy parody is all I retain.
You'd have to pay me to watch the thing.
Cash money, up front.

The Jeffersons.

Take it, Spike.
"Coonery buffoonery".
Thanks, Spike.


....defies even my attempts to try to talk about, there's like, a force-field around it that not only kept me from watching it, but my mind can't even think about it.

There's absolutely nothing in it I can relate to to draw references from.

It's like a Star Trek-ian space anomaly that sucks up your sensor sweep.
You kinda have to map the shape of it where the light disappears.

Um....well, this kind of show is still around today, but it's in the form of stuff like "The Tudors", and "The Borgias", and "Game Of Thrones".

The historical setting just gets changed up.
But, it's just rich and powerful people acting the ass.
I never cared about that....

Anyway, they're bringing back a remake of Dallas because of this wave of historical costume knockoffs.
*Sighs, like it's a case of bad weather one has to put up with*

Falcon Crest.

See Dallas.


See here.

Sorry. I mean....machine guns firing off that never hit anyone?
That shit bothers me.

Miami Vice.

It begat Vice City.
That's what it was here on this Earth for.
Its job is done now., I gotta get around to getting Vice City Stories...

Saved By The Bell.

Actually, this stands on the border of hate, and apathy.
I have apathy as far as motivating to watch it, but, if I ever accidentally do so, it turns to hate.

The phenomenon of the show didn't anger me though, passed right over me.

I....just plain have never gotten on board for America's mawkish romanticizing of high school.
There's this fairy tale that it's Disney World, or something.
It's not Disney, it's not Hell, though, it can be for some kids, it's
Four years, and it's done.

Growing Pains.

Kirk Cameron, nuff said.

TJ Hooker.


Starsky & Hutch.

Shows like this always already looked like their parodies to me.

Cagney and Lacey.

Apparently, this was a thing.


Well....we got Bruce Willis out of it, and...we got Sin City out of him.

Dr. Quinne.

Yeah, no thanks, rest of America.
You go have fun with that.


I dunno, it had Lance Henriksen....but it was in that goddamned X-Files universe.

The Lone Gunmen.

May as well have been a Spritle and Chim-Chim spinoff to my eyes.
Yeah, pass.

Murder, She Wrote.

Old folks show.

Father Dowling's Mysteries.



Well, it begat NCIS, and that's got Abby, and, I wanna fuck Abby, so....
But JAG itself?


This was apparently not just a thing, but a BIG thing.
And, I waved to the boat as it pulled away with everyone else in the whole world on it, and I nuked a tv-dinner, and  relaxed, and patiently waited it out.

St. Elsewhere.

See ER.

Hill Street Blues.

See St. Elsewhere.

Trapper John M.D.


Barney Miller.


Sanford and Son.

Okay, I get it, people loved Redd Foxx cuz of his albums, and this show was like, his financial reward., screw it, I want the dirty Redd Foxx.
I'm not gonna play along, and pretend to like a goddamned censored sitcom.

Lou Grant.


LA Law.

The ER of lawyer shows.
I didn't know anyone, or know anyone who knew anyone, who knew anyone, who fucking watched this.
Yet, somehow, it was the biggest show ever in its day.
I'm thinking Gidea was involved again.






Tch...Clugman too....but...nope.

Yeah, see, you're stunned, right?

I'm done pretending.
Didn't get me anything.

It's out of the bag now.

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