Monday, August 30, 2010

History of the internet 6- Shmegalamonga in review.

The whole blog so far.

Via the labels section. Bottom to top.

Yeah, this is really my best stuff.
I'm happy with it.

Harry Hembock: Dark Designs compilations.
More on Harry later...

These are fun, I gotta get more on the ball, and do one of these for every single little holiday.

Hope to have a lot more of these. :)

Heh, ditto. Love the stuff folks, keep it coming.

Meh, I had a lot of long sloppy religion rants, but this little section boiled it all down to the good stuff.
I hope.
I had this obsession at the time of having all the best arguments at push-button access for debates...but...I realized, it doesn't matter how good your arguments are, people just play dirty, and fuckin' lie about ya, so...debate is pointless.
Buut anyway, glad it's all compiled, anyway.

Jeez, I debate if I should put this category out of its misery.
A lot of my stuff is humor...but how to quantify it as a "joke", y'know?
A satirical blog, and there's only 8 fuckin' jokes? It don't look good....
Ah, well....
I guess I can see the humor in it...

Eh, a bit preachy, hardly anyone seemed to dig 'em, but I'm glad I did 'em.
Stuff I needed to get off my chest.

Aww, this just makes me nauseous to see now.

The rants that started it all off.
Ehh....I worry sometimes that the first few were a little too subconsciously Carlin-y, but...I think I hit my stride by...oh, the 4th one....
I'm least happy with the 7th one.
Little too messy, little too long, little too frothy.
But, Sharon liked it, and she's a smart cookie, so...maybe it's good.
Maybe they're all good.
I dunno...

Anyway, I used linking to evolve it toward Podsville.
So, that series is still going in that form.

Not a big hit, but I'm really glad I did these.

Shit, I gotta get back to doing these!
Never think to grab the camera when I go out.

This whole thing came together exactly how I wanted.
So glad I did this one.
This one really fulfilled my dream of a push-button argument dismantler.

Or, "things that don't give me nightmares".
Very glad I did these.

That's just a damned handy tag to have.
These were/are fun.
Sometimes, I just need to make a wiseass comment, and it doesn't qualify as a rant.

She blinded me with it!

Self explanatory.
Proud of all those.
Oh, okay, all except "mona lisa fart".
That just laid the biggest bomb, and I'm really really sorry.

Love it.

Okay, this was intended to be the positive solutions-based sequel to slogan series, but it's the section I'm least satisfied with.

I really should have stopped with 1, 2, and 3, but, I was stubborn that it should at least equal the number count of slogans, but then another 3 refused to rise from the muck, so I just kept going, and going, and blah, trainwreck.
But, I'm really, really proud of 3.
And it likely wouldn't have happened without the innerspace section, so, glad I chased after that train of thought.

Well...look at it this way, I bet a lot of, if not most comedians/writers have stuff like the shitty filler material in that section, except they jot it on paper, and crumple it, and throw it away.
It's just, I wrote it on the fuggin' blog.
So, you got all my crumple-shit.

Well, I learned from it.
And I kinda drew it to a close, and/or apologized, by wrapping it up with linking it to the positive series.
That really did pull off what I was going for with innerspace.
Part of me would love to tear that section down,, it's there now.
No going back.
Gotta live with it.
*Winces at all that King-Kong bullshit*
What was I thinkin' with that? I dunno....

Work in in progress...move along...move along...

Everyone needs a misc to catch the drippings.

Sometimes stuff actually happens to me.
Aaand sometimes, just plain existing adds up for long enough, and I look back, and it's amusing.

Lotta good videos in here.
Some of my own stuff too.
Good section.

They're not all winners, but it's still better than fucking innerspace.

Stuff about the blog.
Technical stuff, format tinkering, new labels, etc.

Self explanatory.

For when it's not angry enough to be a rant.

Harry Hembock: Dark Designs.
The crown jewel of Shmegalamonga.

I should have been doing these all along, instead of fuckin' innerspace, and some of the other bullshit.
My apologies for the year break in between 12, and 13, everybody.
Deeply sorry for that.
Least I figured out the hard way, that Harry is what I'm meant to be doing, and what fulfills me.

I was searching for something in those crumple-shit rants, and it was there all along.

Got swallowed up by Harry minisodes, but, the old stuff is in there too.
Love it all.

Anything Harry related, not just the comics.

Back in the olden days, I was naive enough to think this one would be manageable.
Now it's just out of control.

This overlaps rants, ramblings, and some other categories, and once again, I was naive enough to think this would help bust "rants", up into smaller pieces, but...damned thing overtook "rants".

Damned fool name choice, everything I do is cultural criticism.
Shit, the satire-heavy Harry minisodes should qualify.

Whelp, that's it.
An okay little blog so far for two years in.

The crumple-shit rants in innerspace will always haunt me, but that'll just force me to be better.

Been a fun ride so far.

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