Saturday, June 9, 2012

But, I can change, I can change!!

Yeah, sometimes, I can actually turn around on a show....

Apathy shows I've come around on.


Good times.

The Bob Newhart Show.


Mostly, I was too little, or they were on too late, or, both.
Once I caught up to 'em on Nick At Nite, I was sold.

In the case of MASH, I saw it as a kid, but 99% of it flew over my head.

Tried it again in my teens 70%.
Again in my 20's 39%.

30's was just right for this one.
Everything clicks now.
Tied with "All In The family", for best sitcom ever.

Good Times, eh....I got JJ's shtick as a kid, but it finally clicked in my 20's.
Maybe sooner if it had been rerun quicker.
I find it easily superior to Jeffersons.

Ghetto-shmetto, the writing was just better.

Taxi, and Bob, yeah, time slot on the first run, mostly.

Anyway, that's apathy shows that were redeemed.
I'll spoil it for ya, I've never had one I hated come back from the brink.
I've always been able to bullseye a shitty show.


Shows I used to dig, but now hate.


Oh, I've outgrown most of the old cartoons, sure, but I still have fond memories.
I mean, SyFy reran Voltron, and that was a disappointment, but I still loved my memories connected to it, and my playtimes with the toys.

But....fuck, I want the Smurfs dead.

Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks too.
I never loved that show though.
And Alvin always pissed me off.

Smurfs is the one kid show within instant recall that's gone night-and-day on me like that.

Cosby Show.

See here.

Northern Exposure.

I'd have to write a whole dissertation breaking down why this one has shifted, but short version, I was charmed by it, and its characters, but in reruns a short couple years after its first run, I wanted to burn that fucking town to the ground.

Now, on further reflection all these years out, I'd go back, and piss on the ashes.

Murphy Brown.

In fact, anything Bloodworth Thomasons, and I hate them as people.
Disgusting human beings.

Now, I wonder why Murphy Brown ever appealed.
Maybe my food was being drugged.


I gave it a chance, I stuck with it while Ross had the monkey, and I pretty much  bailed when the monkey left, now ALL the episodes make me want to puke.

Golden Girls.

...*shrug* one point, it was the only watchable show on, what do ya want?

Empty Nest.

The Golden Girls spinoff.
Fluctuated from vapid, to shrill in its preachiness, the writing on this was total hackitude.

Got sucked into it, because it was in between Golden Girls, and some other show I liked.

Different Strokes.

Vapid crap sharing the same universe as "Facts Of Life", and it would be totally forgettable, if not for America being stunted to the point of infantile about race at the time, and the P.T. Barnum vibe around Gary Coleman's health problems, and the dark cloud of trauma and death hanging over the whole cast.

And, the Danny Cooksey seasons were insufferable.

And, the one with the molester who ran the bike shop was just plain exploitative, and gross.

Punky Brewster.

Liked Soleil, she seems like a cool person, hate everything else.


I think I might have said it before, the story of the creative process behind this is probably more interesting than the actual show.

I didn't get 'til years later, that they snuck under the radar, that this was a sitcom that hates sitcoms.
ALF is an asshole, he doesn't really care about the Tanners, in fact, in the TV movie "Project ALF", they're unceremoniously swept under the rug with a bit of throwaway dialog that hints they may in fact be dead, and it's no sweat off ALF's nose at all.

As a dumb little kid, I just bought into the whole fantasy of the thing.

Then, I got a bit more jaded and savvy, and totally got it, and thought it was genius.

Now, I'm even more jaded, and am like...fuck it..TV sucks, even sometimes when you mock it.

Mama's Family.

Now that I think of it...did I ever really like this?
I think I just sat through it.

Night Court.

Man....I used to think this was up there with Cheers, but...WOW, it has NOT held up well to time.

Our House.

The one with Wilford Brimley.
I was a total sucker for it.
Caught it on reruns back when "The Family Channel", existed, was I thinking?

Drugged food again, maybe.
Imported from Gidea.


Yeah, you get sucked into it via a self-righteous sense of "law and order", but you quickly realize "hey, howcome we never see a crooked CEO getting hauled away in shackles?", and you figure out pretty quick, it's really all about exploiting the same tired old white middle-class hatreds of the target demos of the cold-blooded sponsors.

Fuck COPS, it had "Reno 9/11", coming as a parody.


But, that's everybody's sentiment these days.

The Tonight Show.

It died with Johnny.

Late Night With ____

It left with Dave.


See Simpsons.

Yep, that's it, that's all the budging I've done.
And, likely am gonna.

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