Thursday, May 17, 2012

Superhero Flicks, Part 6.5: The Avengers (Take 2).

Updated from here.

Best fucking superhero movie ever.

Well, there's still "The Dark Knight Rises", and "Iron Man 3", and "Avengers 2", to contend with. so far.

Hard to discuss this without spoiling things....but here goes...

Quick points...
  • Everyone gets a moment to shine.
  • Hulk is fucking awesome, best he's ever been onscreen, indeed, he gets the funniest/coolest moment in the whole flick.
  • Banner ain't so shabby either. 
  • Every Robert Downey Jr. line, fucking liquid gold.
  • Sam Jackson gets back every droplet of coolness that was robbed from him as Mace Windu.
  • Scarlett Johansson is a goddess. The script, and the camera, love her.
  • Continuity porn out the yin-yang.
  • Every CG disaster/invasion movie of the past 20 years was really practice for this.
The overall...

This single flick body-slams the prequels into their hobo coffin, it's got everything that makes original SW good, and then some.
If they get a trilogy out of this franchise, which they likely will, forget it, it's over, the shadow of 'Wars is finally shrugged off Hollywood.
This is the new saga. Envy the children that'll grow up with it.
This is no fly-by-night summer flick that you forget about, this is the new epoch.
This is history making.
The box office records are justified.

And, as someone who knew the Marvel universe had this in 'em all along, I can only say, it's about goddamned time.

(Now, to retro link this sucker back to The old Avengers overview...)


hyla2 said...

Yes, indeed!

Of course, with 'Wars, you didn't have to see five previous movies to prep you for who's the what. But then, with all the stuff Joss and company needed to cram into that 2 hours and 22 minutes, they didn't have time to do a lot of backstory hand holding.

Also, if you'd missed the movies that led up to the Avengers . . . what the hell are you doing going to see it anyway? Like some jackass who skips to the last chapter to see how the story comes out you are! BOO!

Sorry. Don't know where that came from.

But that's pretty much how The Avengers felt to me, like the balls out, blow out, big hoo-hah season finale of some amazing super hero TV series . . . only it was movies instead of TV.

And, in that, its not about to waste time playing expository catch up with the audience; it's endgame time, and if they aren't up to speed by now, fuck 'em. FULL STEAM AHEAD! ROLL WITH IT OR GITCHER ASS RUN OVER!

. . .

Geez. I'm just fulla rant today . . .

; )

Diacanu said...

Oh, yes, but I'd go one further, and say even Avengers itself is the buildup to Avengers 2.

Cuz, now that the team has been formed, they can REALLY get right down to business next time.

hyla2 said...

Agreed. Here's hoping they let/get Joss to helm that one as well.

Word is it's undecided on both fronts; the option is in his contract, but he's not sure he wants to invest himself again so much in somebody else's property for another go round . . . although he claims to having a few cool ideas kicking around . . .

Ah, well. Still got Cap 2, Thor 2, and Iron Man 3 to get out of the way before that bridge needs crossin'!


Diacanu said...

*Wikis up Cap2, Thor 2, and Iron Man 3".

Ahh, they ARE gonna come after Avengers...

Thought maybe they were gonna muscle 'em in as in-between-quels.

I coulda kept track, but it would have been a pain for the mainstream-ies.

Well, that's cool.

And, it looks like IM3 is gonna do "Extremis".

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