Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Best Of: I really friggin' love the 80's.

Okay, so, we're going along a good clip so far...

The 70's whipped on by...

On to the 80's...

Original uncut.
Part 2
Part 3

Oh, also, I'm deliberately leaving out movie rants that get quoted over to En-Mike-lopedia.
No need for quadruple repeats...


Punk and preppy fashion

Punk hair freaked me out back then.
Didn't help that the stupid dopey media played into that anyone with colored hair was a scary violent shady person.
...course, also didn't help that the PUNKS played into that they were violent shady people so everyone would go fuck off.
But, in hindsight, I can relate to that.
Now, oh man, punk girls are a fantasy of mine.
Eh, I'm not badass enough.
Plus, I'd have to wear the costume too, and I don't do costumes.
And, at 35, I'm a geezer.
Relatively speaking.
Ah, well...
'Nother missed opportunity.

As for the preppies? Fuck 'em.
Fuuuuck 'eeem.
*Sneer* *Finger*

Designer jeans

Tch, yeah, let's ridiculously over-price stupid cheap-ass common denim cuz a designer jackass sewed their dorky name onto it.
People are dumb.
It didn't get better in the 80's.

Pat Benatar and Deborah Harry (of Blondie)

Hot enough to roast flesh.
Holy shit.
You look at old pics of them all young and creamy, and...son of a bitch...
*Regrets having jeans on, squirms*


Holy Grail, Jerk, and this one, funniest movies ever.

That's Incredible!


Y'know those Discovery Channel specials that show human freaks?
And you know how Tosh.0 shows extreme stupid human behavior?
And you know those BBC shows that show what tech is coming up the pike?

Well, moosh all those together, with a slant towards the freaks and morons, and have insipid bimbo hosts of each gender that talk like game show presenters, and you have "that's incredible".
Evil television.
Short lived, but little did I know, it was a trial run for more ominous things to come.

Michael Jackson's "Rock with You" (from his 1979 album Off the Wall) 

I repeat the Jackson rant. 
I stand by it.

Fashion plates

Ohhh yeah...
The thing, where you did a crayon rubbing of these plates, and it made girls in various outfits to color in.
I had the boy's version called the "Mighty Men & Monster Maker", that made superheroes, and monsters, and you could mix up the heads, and bodies, and legs.
Hmm, looking at it again, a lot of the charactrers look reminiscent of later He-Man characters ,
wonder if there was influence, or if maybe the designers went to work for Mattel...
Oh, here's a nifty factoid, the guy who created The Rocketeer created the plates.


Cable Television and MTV

Man, MTV really was something when it started.
Heartbreaking to see it now.
But y' doesn't matter.
All the old videos are on Youtube any time you want 'em.
And new good music is on offer through your friends via Facebook, or Twitter, or whatever you use, so, let MTV die.
Doesn't matter.
The playgrounds that let creativity grow, and disseminate, always change, but they're always there.

As for cable in general, came into my life just in time.
Can't imagine my life with just network TV.
I caught up on so many great films thanks to HBO, TNT (back when it was like TCM), WLVI, USA, A&E (back when it was like TCM) and, scrambled Cinemax Friday night boobie flicks got me through puberty.
Fond memories.
Now...cable is better in some ways, worse in others.
I miss the frontier days of these technologies.
More adventurous and fun.
Well, there's always the next tech, we've got Youtube now.
As I said about MTV, the playgrounds change...

Well, like my grandmother with CB Radio, and me now with the blog.
It changes, yet it doesn't.

Rubik's cube

Yeah, I did the "peel the stickers", trick.
Too hard.
Or, I was too dumb.
I hated the nerds that could not only solve it, but fast, and even set speed records on the fucking thing.
I hate my inferior brain.
Just smart enough to see the dumb in everything, not smart enough to fix it.


Oh, man, YES!
This, and VHS, and cable saved my fucking sanity, and made childhood a joy.

Journey's Escape 

I loved me some Journey.
Lotta people, especially metal-heads, think they're corny as shit, I dug 'em.
Wanna fight about it?

Mommie Dearest 

Yes, I'm a straight man who is amused by Mommie Dearest.
Get over it.

You Can't Do That on Television

Aww, man, where to begin?
This was Garbage Pail Kids the show.
This is the world I wanted to be in.
This was Electric Company on food poisoning, acid, and coke.
I fuckin' loved it.
A Canadian import.
America didn't have the balls.
Its only sin was spawning Alanis Morrisette.
But...if not them, somebody, she was pretty dauntless.
Anyway, great show.
Probably wouldn't hold up now, but man, did I look forward to this.
I think all the other kids on this became accountants, and teachers, n' stuff.
There should be a reunion.


Joan Jett's "I Love Rock 'N Roll"

Mmm, 'nother creamy chick...DAMN the chicks in the 80's were smokin!
And I noticed.
I was a horny little kid.

The Go-Go's

Oh, Jesus, okay, my friend's big sister liked 'em, so I hated 'em, and their music WAS treacle, I knew what little skanks they really were behind the scenes, I woulda totally changed my tune.
The marketing wizards behind their bubblegum image totally missed some big bucks not letting them be themselves.
Stupid assholes.
Bill Hicks nailed it, marketing people are "the ruiners of all things".

Dungeons & Dragons

Never got to play the game.
And I'm the kind of geek that shoulda.
I got all the social shunning as if I were a D&D player, I may as well have had fun with it.
Ah, well.
Loved the cartoon show though.
But again, that would be the game now.
(Computer graphics wise)

Oh, yeah! There was that whole kerfuffle from the church assholes that it was the gateway to Satan worship.
I was down in Florida in 1990, and they still had fucking infomercials about it.
People are fuckin' nuts.


I didn't know anyone who had this, but via videos, and screenshots, the graphics were comparable to my Atari 400.
2600 was more widespread, and popular, but the graphics were just ass.
Total ass.
Colecovision, good though.

Laura Branigan's "Gloria" 

Branigan could do no wrong.
I fucking miss her.

Videocassette recorders

Said it before, VHS, cable, and Atari (then NES) kept me sane.

1982 Chicago Tylenol murders

People are such selfish assholes.
Yeah, and we've had to pull foil off everything ever since.
The foil people made out like raped-apes.


Cabbage Patch Kids

Aw, shit....

Okay, an isolated incident of bad behavior, or stupidity, on the news here and there let me feel like good and evil were distinct, easily identifiable, separate, and balanced in the universe, and that destructive wicked stupidity was "over there", somewhere.
I was very happy with that illusion for a long time.
VERY happy.

But...Cabbage Patch Kids ruined that for me.

First of all, they're fucking ugly.
Anyone thinks they're cute, they're not right.
Mentally, that is.
Second, they're expensive, always were.
Fifty fuckin' bucks, even in 80's dollars.
Outrageous scam.
So, they're ugly, and you're payin' out the ass for 'em, which makes ya extra mental.
So, the whole phenomenon was nuts to start with...

But....on that first black Friday, where mothers were on the news literally beating the shit out of each other for the things, in hoards, like a scene from "the crazies", or "28 days later", and I think someone fucking died....think I heard that...

...It was then...I knew, I really knew, that something was deeply, fundementally, WRONG with human beings.
All of them.
As a species, something was broken.
I've been looking for it ever since.
I have some good leads, thanks to neuroscience.
It's been a dominating obsession with my life, this quest.
I probably should have taken psychology in high school.
Woulda come in handy.
But, I was unaware I was on this quest.
Until fairly recently.
So, it's been sloppy trial and error.
I'm getting better though.
I will find it.
Then a nuts and bolts person can fix it.

But yeah, Cabbage Patch Kids.
Cabbage Patch Kids did it in for me.
That was the final straw.
Lot more disturbed sleep since that moment in history disrupted my moral universe.

Michael Jackson's Thriller

I repeat my Michael Jackson rant from the 70's.
But, absent a time machine, and stuck with this reality, still a good video...

Valley Girl

Millions of fuckin' dunces suddenly had a lingo to emulate.
Son of a bitch...*head shake* we've not yet seen the full extent of the cultural destruction this caused.

Richard Simmons 

Drag queens tell him to tone it down.
Richard Simmons or glory?

Cujo and Christine 

Eh, not King's best stuff.
Mainstreamie Jaws ripoff spookum stuff, nothing challenging.
Pet Sematary, It, Stand By Me, Talisman, that's when he got back on track.

Chicken McNuggets 

Oh...*drool* I don't even CARE if they're made of baby chicks, or whatever the legend is.
I could pop 20 of the fucking things like potato chips.
That's not something sexy to admit to, but there it is.

Donkey Kong 

Game was fun, cartoon was an abortion.
It was distinctive for being the first Mario thing put to film though.
Well...unless you count the creepy live action guy in the Donkey Kong game ads.
There was also a Donkey Kong cereal.
It was flavorless, and cut your mouth worse than Cap'N Crunch.

This was fucking epic at the time.
Hasn't held up to my memories, but, still pretty good, and very ambitious compared to the painful drivel that was on TV most of the time.
This made Robert Englund famous just before Freddy hit.

Quiet Riot

Hell, yeah!

But...I was starting to notice, you couldn't be a geek like I was, and like metal groups, and publicly say so, or the shitty little bully kids had the attitude of "you can't like my band!! You're not cool! You can't be in our club! Only our cool club can like this band! Stop listening to 'em, you're ruining 'em! I'll kick your ass!".
Y'know, that stupid frigging bullshit.
Fuck off.
Rotten shitheads.
Where are they now, eh?
Yeah, the other side of the coin of that whole Prince deal I ran into.
I'll listen to anything I like, cockmongers, try and stop me!
Oh! Oh, look what III'm doing!




Ranted about her here...
And she was part of that whole "my friend's big sister likes her", deal, as well as the whole miserable hateful mall bimbo bitch deal, but let me really tear into her when I get up to Cyndi Lauper...

Bruce Springsteen's Born in the U.S.A.

I didn't like that you were like, legally required to like this, or you'd get fucking lynched on the playground, and the teachers would let 'em.
One of the few times in my life I had to put on a front to survive and get along.
Vowed never to have to do so again.
And I haven't.


I almost got a beating for not being into Prince.
Can you believe it?
I thought he was prissy, and "when doves cry", was creepy.
Hey, that's how I felt then.
Apparently, I wasn't hip to him being some major pussy hound, therefore a sexual hero to some kids.
Didn't see Purple Rain, didn't get it.
It was R, my folks forbade me from R flicks at that age.
So, being a good boy almost got me murdered once.
Wouldn't be the last time.
Well, Dave Chappelle's skit on him is my vicarious revenge all these years later.
So, hey, A.J. *finger*.
Suck it, ya stupid goofy redneck tool.

Cyndi Lauper

Okay, so picking up from the Madonna rant, I liked Cyndi Lauper WAY better.
WAAYY better.
Still do.
She wrote her own music, she had that shock of punk hair, but wasn't scary, her videos were funny, and creative, just way more talented all around.
And, she was the kind of girl I wanted for a girlfriend.
I was evolving past raw horny, and was figuring that out.
Cyndi Lauper was fun, and smart, she would be your buddy.
That matters to me.
Madonna, total mirror opposite of that.
She was a nasty little narcissist, she wouldn't be your buddy, she's fucking incapable.
In fact, she always struck me as mean.
It was a vibe I picked up from the very start.
Mean, stuck up, trollup.
"Truth or dare", only confirmed this for me.
Everyone was so shocked, not me.
"Really? Madonna's a bitch? You don't say".
And all the stupid little cunts who emulated her were mean.
It was to be expected.
Despised them, smelled 'em a mile away, saw right through 'em like glass.
My friend's big sister turned into a Madonna clone, and after that, I full on hated her guts.
I was done with her.
She grew out of it, but the damage was done.
A pity Madonna couldn't grow out of it.
Y'know, good on her.
That's her punishment.
Let her get old, and be left cold and alone when her precious looks rot away.
She'll be the broad from "Sunset Boulevard", mark my words.

Y'know...not only would Madonna not be your buddy, and not have your back, I always got the impression she'd be the type to fuck your worst enemy in the whole wide world, and not bother to wash, then tell you after you had fucked her with a mean grin.
Just to do it.
No other reason.
Yes, I think that of her.
I really do.
I bet it's actually happened to some poor unfortunate.

But, I guess it's depressingly fitting that in this "only out for yourself", culture America has, showbiz culture even moreso, someone like her would rise.

Well, fuck her.
Let's see if her ditzy awful music survives the ages.
I got money on Cyndi winning in the long haul.

OR....maybe I'm totally wrong about everything, and Madonna is really charming, and funny, and clever, and her whole cold selfish evil bitch persona has been one long dragged out Andy Kaufman routine.
If so, that'd make her a genius, and the greatest performance artist whom ever lived.

....yeah, no.

Michael Jackson's Pepsi commercial disaster

Wow, who knew this ruined him so bad, it was the source of his painkiller addiction that helped kill him?
Yet again, I repeat my Michael Jackson rant from the 70's.

Scratch and sniff and Trapper Keeper 

Scratch and sniff was my second favorite technology next to shrinky dink.
Humanity is at its best doing things like this.
Politics, and war, not so much.

Trapper Keeper, didn't use one until high school, and then had a new one every year.
Mostly got used for toting Harry comics from study hall, to library, to study hall.
Kind of a hardware version of a laptop now I think of it.
The gadget pouches, the little insert dictionary and atlas that came with it...
Yeah, cool.

Splash and Bachelor Party (both starring Tom Hanks) 

Fuck "Van Wilder", or any of that, nothing tops Bachelor Party in that genre of zany sex romp.
Just go watch it.

And Splash, Ron Howard's...well, second flick as director after "Night Shift", if I recall correctly.
Lotta people pretend it's his first.
Daryl Hanna was lookin' good in this, but, with my punk kink, I like her better as Priss in "Blade runner".
Oh, and "Night Shift", is a much overlooked, but cute little film, that you should all check out.
Michael Keaton's first movie, stars Henry winkler, Shelly Long is cute and not a cold fish in it.
I dig it.
S'better than fuckin' "Pretty Woman".
Which is probably on this list, so I'll save my rage for then.

Stirrup pants 

I don't know what button these pushed in my reptillian hindbrain, but they were hot to me.
I want to dig up a truckload somewhere, and force my future wife to wear them all the time.
Maybe I shouldn't admit to'll scare her away...
Kidding! Kidding! Hahahaha!!


Lock, stock, and barrel Smurfs ripoff.
They had more girls though, so you didn't get the creepy vibe they were gang-banging one chick, like with Smurfette.


The Goonies

Great flick, own it.
Cyndi Lauper did the song for this, and it's part of what's going to make her immortal.

Pee Wee's Big Adventure

A celebration of pure joyous weirdness.
My people needed this movie in a big way.
Came just in time.

Course, it just makes me think...Cyndi Lauper was doing her thing, Pee-Wee was on the rise, Goonies had its message of being a proud misfit, Weird Al was huge...I was under the illusion this cultural atmosphere would last.
...nope...dark times were ahead...
But, in this little window of time, I was truly happy, and in my full power.
Confident, secure, excited about life, active, social, things were really great.
And then....

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous 

I'm Robin Leach, and you're not!!
Haww haaww fucking haaaww!!
Eh, somethin' like that.
Ain't that how you remember it?

New Coke 

The flag of surrender to Pepsi.
They can't ever take that back.


Well, I guess girls needed a superhero, it sure wasn't gonna be fucking Madonna, Wonder Woman had retired, and everything else was a pure insult to girls, like the ponies, and the Cabbage Patch Kids.
So, while it wasn't my bag, I got nothin' bad to say about Jem.
Shit, look at what the girls got now, fuckin' "Bratz".
Weep for your daughters, America.
Gut wracking sobs like a baby.
Go right ahead.
You earned it.

"Weird Al" Yankovic

My friggin' idol.
Okay, I revise the list, cable, VHS, Atari, and my first tape deck with his first 4 albums kept me sane.
I think those Weird Al tapes were the audio version of what the Freddy VHS-es were to me later, cinematically.
For me.
Wasn't some nasty jerky playground "club", poisoning it, like Springsteen, Quiet Riot, and Prince.
Anyway, ditto what I said about "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure".

Sour Patch Kids

They're still around.
They never stopped, I like that some things are consistent like that.
Cool that a permanent candy staple was born in my lifetime.
Everything else was from the time of my parents, or grandparents.
Anyway, yep, I like 'em.
A friend of mine, in Mrs. Tinkham's class, would try to impress us by snorting the powder that came off of them.
*Rubs sinuses imagining it*
Still my reaction to that after all these years.


Janet Jackson

Y'know how I said in the 70's Jackson's rant how Michael's death wasn't worth it?
Janet is one of the things it wasn't worth.

Stand by Me

Masterpiece that'll live forever.
One of the great films.
Who knew Meathead had this in him?

Pee-wee's Playhouse 

Well, I more or less ranted my Pee-Wee rant in the last one.
Great show.
The original "Pee-Wee Herman Show", stage show, turned HBO special, was a tongue in cheek adult parody of kid shows, but Pee-Wee/Reubins transitioned seamlessly to a sincere kiddie show host, and it worked.
Even without the adult jokes, it was about letting your freak flag fly, and exploring your imagination.
That's good for kids.
I wish it were still on.
I put it up there with Mister Rogers for self-esteem building.
And hey, Cyndi Lauper sang the theme!
See how it all connects?

Jolt Cola 

You don't see smartass upstart-ery in products like this anymore.
Well, not hardly.
"All the sugar, twice the caffiene", emblazoned right on it.
Then, the pendulum swung the other way, and everything got relentlessly pussified.

Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet 

"Livin' on a prayer", was on this, right?
I really dug it then.
Looking back, wow...what a horrible message it had.
But..I didn't pay much attention to lyrics then.
It was all about riffs.
Heh heh, my uncle called him "John Blow Jobby".

Garbage Pail Kids 

Well, by now, you know my rant on Cabbage Patch kids. 
So, you can only imagine how joyously I recieved the arrival of these.
Holding that first packet of cards from the first series in my hand instantly told me that the subversive weirdo community had come through yet again, but also, that the mere existence of it as a product meant there were millions of kids like me who felt the same way.
It was wonderful.
I collected the shit out of 'em.
Even after Cabbage Patch sued to have the likenesses changed.
I took that as their admission of shame.
Not only were they exploitive douches, but they couldn't take a fucking joke, and were tyrannical bullies about it.
Add Xavier Roberts to the list along with the other bitch-titted tyrants. 


Geez, I collected these dumb things.
They really didn't have much point, except to be 3-dimensional Garbage Pail kids.
They weren't very good balls.
And if you flung 'em around real good, you could possibly lose the things, so you were out a collectable.
And Heaven forbid a dog ever got ahold of the things.
Yeah, fun character sculptures, but useless toys.
I guess you could leave them places to be found by squeamish wussies as a prank.
Pretty short lived amusement there.
Ah, well.
Still got 'em in a closet or attic somewhere.



Ah, yeah.
Simpsons were there from the start, just as shorts on Tracy Ullman show.
All I watched it for.
And there was Married With Children.
Lotta really horrible shows that lasted a couple months.
Forgot most of 'em.
But, it was neat to have a fourth network.
In the long run...aside from cartoons, they've sucked.
Seth Mcfarlaine's cartoons keep them on the air now.
And of course, they've spawned the hideous Fox News.
But also, the excellent FX.
And, Simpsons, a revelation at the time, need to be put to sleep now.
Worn out their welcome WAY worse than Cosby Show ever thought of.
Well, see, Cosby, the kids grew up.
Simpsons, as long as the voice actor can keep going, the characters never age.
So, it'll take people dying off to end the thing.
Mixed bag, Fox.

The two Coreys

One's dead, one's a mess.
Made some good movies though.
Feldman was in Goonies, Stand By Me, Gremlins, and course the both of 'em did Lost Boys.
License To Drive was sappy....
Overall, not bad, good record.


Stupid game.
Stupid yuppie game.
At my first stint at Toys R Us, some yuppie came in wanting this, I had to tell him, they hadn't made it in a friggin' decade.
He kept insisting that they must still have it, and that I should scour the storeroom for the fuckin' thing.
Well, I didn't have much else better to do, so I did.
The guy was very disheartened not to have his precious Scruples game.
*Laughs* Ah...Scruples *head shake*

Michael Jackson's "Bad" 

Jacksons rant again. 
You know the drill.

Remote Control 

Best gameshow ever.
MTV cancels everything good they ever make, and keeps the miserable insufferable shit on for literally decades.
Fuck MTV.

Microwave oven

We've got to install microwave ovens!
Custom kitchen, deliveray-ay-ay-ayyy!!
We've got to move these! Refrigerators!
We've got to move these color teeveeeeees!!!

Yep, these made life vastly easier.
That, n' remote controls.

Cutting Crew's "(I Just) Died in Your Arms"

Must've been something I aaate!



Oh, great sitcom.
I put this up with All In The Family.
They don't do shows like this anymore.
Everyone's a fucking yuppie, or a sports writer, or something.
And the writing's not there for this new shit, so much drivel, the sitcom is pretty much dead.
And yeah, Rosanne went batshit, and ruined the last couple seasons, and made the whole show a novel written by the character that raped the whole preceding continuity, but, I just ignore those episodes.
I keep rooting for a reunion that makes everything from Dan's heart attack onward an LSD flashback.
Overall, the rare good sitcom.
You don't get a lot of those.

Working woman's wardrobe

Brocolli hair, and shoulder pads.

MTV's Headbangers Ball 

Enjoy it while you can, rockers.
I'm Future-man here to tell you, rock/metal is doomed.
This shit comes along, called "alternative".
And the record companies as one dump all their metal acts for this shit, and the radio stations don't even let you have the choice of it, they just shove it up your ass.
And MTV not only aids in shoving it up your ass, they relentlessly mock rock, like they weren't the ones pimping it the past 10 years.
Fucking phonies.
You're screwed, Headbangers Ball.
It's a setup.
But you know what, grunge granolas?
You're next.
And not even in ten years.
Try six.
Then they toilet flush you for Britney Spears, and the mainstream music scene never comes back to its proper shape as something valid ever again.
But, this thing called the internet comes along, and democratizes the media, and everyone can have what they want, so fuck MTV.
But...until then, if you're into metal, you're in for a lot of pain for awhile.
A long goddamned while.
It's gonna be a helluva wait.
Stock up on CDs.
It's a loooooong winter comin'.

Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" 

Ah, yep, Hysteria, that's when I got into them.
I dug every track on that one.
Played the tape to death.

Chia Pet 

*Eye roll*
Yep, we come full circle back to pet rock type shit.

The Morton Downey, Jr. Show

Wow, do I ever miss THIS!
Do you ever wish the host of some vapid insipid talk show would just come out, and say the guest was a fucking idiot, and go all Sam Kinison on their ass?
Well, we actually had this show in the 80's.
What a miraculous time to be alive.
Anyway, another death of someone cool by cigarettes.
No, corporations would never sell us things that would hurt us.
Taco Bell's beef is fine.
Move along, nothing to see.

So, now we come up on the year Harry was born.


Rob Lowe's sex video

Oh, yeah, this is when America was suddenly all puritanical and self-righteous about sex, and at this same time, it was actually a big deal that Pee-Wee flogged his own dong.
And he's never been apologized to, and given another shot, it's never been made right, they still act like he touched kids or something.
Meanwhile, fucking Rob Lowe got The West Wing.

So, yeah, the weirdo culture was dying, they were out for scalps.
The bad guys won yet again.


Never saw this, but I guess this was the birth of X-er hipster shit, eh?
Harbinger of the 90's.
The storm clouds were forming.

The fall of the Berlin Wall

Ranted about this here.

House of Style 

Burn it down.

"Lifestyles of the rich and famous", "cribs", "house of style", "the fabulous life of ...", it's all the exact same shit.
Stupid poor people watching money dance around they can't have.
That's what "love boat", was too.
And "Dallas", and "Dynasty".
Hateful television.
Fuck you.

Choose Your Own Adventure books 

These were around way before this, and I dug 'em.
Liked the "Zork", series way better than the actual "choose your own adventure", brand.
Better writing, more creative.

Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses

Probability that any protesting screaming homicidal barbarian moron actually read this, 0%

Well, lotta miserable crap, lotta good stuff, there was that little window in the middle of my genuine childhood happiness.

Y'know what I noticed?
The 80's stuff was really for and by my generation.
70's, there was decent stuff, but it was all hand-me-downs from the frickin' boomers.
I kindly thank 'em, but, y'know...
My generation got its own identity here.
Some of it good, lot of it bad.
But, enough good, the 80's holds a special place in my heart.
Even acknowledging the flaws, I still feel warm for it.

Now, on to the 90's...


Robert A. Black said...

Actually, there was a reunion show of sorts for You Can't Do That On Television. It was called Project 131, and you can see it on YouTube. It was the last thing made in the old studio before it was padlocked. The building has since been demolished.

Some of the kids are still involved in acting. I see Adam Reid pop up on shows every now and then. Christine McGlade went into directing and producing. Then there's Lisa Ruddy, who I believe went into the funeral business.

And then there are writers like me, who are still writing...

Diacanu said...

Oh, wow, cool, thanks, man.

I'll check that out.

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