Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shows I hate that everyone hates....

....but everyone seems to fuggin' watch anyway.

Anything Kardashians.

Everyone hates 'em, everyone swears up and down they don't watch it, but someone's fucking watching it, ain't they?
Where are the fucking ratings coming from?

South Park has ripped into 'em, every standup does a Kardashians chunk, but they aren't going away, are they?

Who are these demographics that watch the things everyone else hates to keep it running?
I picture them in this weird village out of an M. Night Shyamalan movie.

Sister Wives.

It's what I said the time before last time about "home movies of the mediocre".
Somebody's watching this shit.
No one likes it, but they're fucking watching it.

19 Kids And Counting

Ditto Sister Wives.

Toddlers In Tiaras

Kiddie porn.
Okay, no mystery why this stays on.
This rotten evil country is riddled with pedophiles.
Doctors, lawyers, judges, cops, you name it.

Can't we rig it up, so everyone who watches this goes on a federal list, or something?
Too Big Brother?

Jersey Shore.

I will never watch this, I've got MTV deleted from my channels, everyone swears to God they hate it, which shows how much good swearing to God does.

Lying assholes.
America vicariously wants to be Italian, and stupid.
First clue of this?
Peter Griffin nailed that one.


See Jersey Shore.

Real Housewives of _____.

Okay, everyone hates these bitches, but, at least they'll totally fess up to watching the show.

All the judged "talent", shows.

Everyone fesses up to watching these fucking things, even though at the same time "everyone", hates the things.

The Apprentice.

Okay, here's a show, that has all the qualities of the shitty shows above, as far as exploitation, and meanness, and "why are these people on my TV?", and the same people that hate all the above it.
I don't fucking get it.

Okay, I get the has-been factor.
They've had Cyndi Lauper on there, and I've ranted about my 80's crush on her.
I still couldn't watch it.
You could put Robert fucking Englund on there, I wouldn't watch it.

"Oh, la de daa, aren't YOU mister integrity!?".


Two And A Half Men

Okay, here's the most reviled and despised sitcom since "Who's The Boss?", was the highest rated sitcom...EVER.

So, someone in the room was fucking lying.

A lot of someones.
You hypocrite assbags were going back into the lunch-line for seconds.
And thirds.
Weren't you?
You were all Charlie's bitches.
No wonder he thought he was a God.
The American public lifted him up there.

Dancing With The Stars

I split this off from the other judged talent shows, cuz, this is a weird fucking case.
I  can't even get smart nerdy people to hate this fucking thing like they should.
Oh, some, but it's disturbing how few.
Everyone's right under the spell of this fucking thing.
It's inexplicable to me.
Was it Chaz fucking Bono?
Was that it?
Did that make dancing "heroic", is that what happened?


It's all so fucking horrific.....

All the fucking ghost shows.

Specifically, the "reality", ones.

The ones that are all in night vision, and have dipshits saying something touched them, and freaking the fuck out.
Every commercial, for every episode, the fucking same.
Week, after week, month, after month, year, after year.
Who's watching this shit?
No one I know will cop to liking this shit, but someone is, or it wouldn't exist.


This fucking thing outlasted the Bush presidency, it's not a big cultural thing anymore, but it lingers on, so there's some loyal following that keeps it going.

Are they in the M. Night Shyamalan village too?

Is it Gidea?

Maybe it's Gidea that's keeping all this shit going.
Let's fucking  invade Gidea.
How hard could that be?

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